10th Nov2018

‘WWE Mixed Match Challenge 2×08’ Review

by Nathan Favel


Welcome to this week’s Mixed Match Challenge review, right here on Nerdly. I’m Nathan Favel and we have… more of this.

Match #1: Bobby Lashley & Mickie James def. Finn Bálor & Bayley

The following is courtesy of WWE.com:

In front of a very enthusiastic crowd in Manchester, Country Dominance remained undefeated with a tough victory over B’N’B. Bayley and Mickie kicked off the bout with an intense back-and-forth. Soon after, Lashley initiated a pose-down with Finn Bálor. When Finn got on the ropes to oblige him, though, Lashley attack him from behind and picked up the early advantage. A dropkick from Finn allowed the Irish Superstar to do his own pose, but Mickie quickly interfered and brought the momentum back to her massive partner. Still, Bobby eventually grew over-confident, opening the door for Finn to tag Bayley in the action. Bayley went on a roll against Mickie before running square into her opponent’s Superkick. Finn would break up the pin before once again mixing it up with Lashley. This led to a hilarious moment, as Finn chased the interfering Lio Rush around the ring. When Finn tried to take out Lio from the top rope, however, Lashley knocked him to the ringside floor. Rush was not out of the woods yet, as he soon experienced a Bayley-to-Belly for his trouble. Unfortunately, Bayley was left open for her opponent, who dropped her with a wicked DDT for the huge victory.

My Take: 2.5 out of 5 – This was simple and aggressive, just like me when I stub my toe. I liked this match, even though there ain’t any-thing big to talk about from it.

Match #2: Jimmy Uso & Naomi def. R-Truth & Carmella

The following is courtesy of WWE.com:

The matchup between Fabulous Truth and Day One Glow kicked off with a unique Rap Battle, incorporating various subjects, including Manchester itself, Bonnie & Clyde and even the Uso’s past rap battle against The New Day. Just when the combatants moved from the rap battle to a dance break, however, Carmella delivered a cheap shot, kicking her glowing opponent to seize the advantage. When The Princes of Staten Island spun her opponent round-and-round, however, she was left in a state of total dizziness, clearing the way for Naomi to hit a fierce kick for the huge pin. The victory provides Day One Glow their second victory in a row, while R-Truth & Carmella remain winless.

My Take: .5 out of 5 – $#@! This sucked. Read the recap a scream bloody murder.

Final Verdict: 2/5

Go read a book.


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