08th Nov2018

The New TVoD Service ‘Chili’ is now available in the UK: Features and General Info

by James Smith


Movie and TV Streaming service CHILI has finally launched in the UK following its success in Italy, where the platform accrued 1.6 million registered customers since launching in June 2012. The streaming platform has since received praise from fans in Germany, Poland and Austria. Offering subscription-free entertainment, this new on-demand service allows customers to watch all their favourite movies and tv shows on a pay-per-view basis. The platform also offers official merchandise, DVD/Blu-rays, as well as trailers and the possibility to pre-order movies that are still in cinemas. The platform is backed by Warner Bros, Paramount Pictures, Viacom, Sony Pictures, and 20th Century Fox and is currently the only pan-European TVoD.

With CHILI, no subscription is required. Users do not need to worry about monthly or activation costs, they can simply pay for what they choose to view. All titles can be watched on iOS and Android devices, as well as Google Chromecast and on Smart TVs for Samsung, Toshiba, LG, Philips, Panasonic and Sony. Content can also be viewed directly on a desktop or laptop’s web browser. Content is available in up to three formats as well: Standard Definition (720×576 pixels), High Definition (1280×720 pixels) and High Definition Plus (1920×1080 pixels), with each requiring minimum broadband speeds to deliver the best possible picture quality.

This on-demand streaming platform offers content for every viewer, from adults to children and families. The website easily lays out content, highlighting new releases to rent, must see movies and TV shows as well as separating them by genres, such as Halloween favourites or Disney Movies for example. The online catalogue showcases thousands of digital movies, TV series, DVDS and Blu-Rays available for rent. Users can also view information and reviews on movies and shows before purchasing content. The service also offers a “pre-order” option, allowing users to pre-order and purchase new movies which have recently been released in cinemas. Once the content becomes available on CHILI, the user will find the pre-ordered movie in their basket ready to view.

The on-demand service also offers a selection of “extra” services for all users. A local cinema listing page allows users to either select a cinema nearby or a movie they wish to view and see where it is playing and at what time. Meanwhile, the merchandise store offers official goodies such as Star Wars toys and games, as well as T-shirts, mugs and hoodies of popular shows and movies. Everything can be purchased via PayPal, and debit and credit cards are accepted as well.

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