25th Oct2018

Gotham – Season 5: Time jumps and Batman at last

by James Smith


We won’t see the fifth and final season of Gotham until its premiere in 2019. With the final appearance of the show at the recent New York Comic Con, however, the prequel to the iconic superhero Batman is already receiving a lot of attention. From the reveal that we’ll finally be treated to an appearance from the Dark Knight himself in the finale to the fact that Shane West will star as Bane, there’s no shortage of talking points.

Another point of discussion has been whether the show would jump forward in time after the events that unfolded at the end of Season 4. The final episode ended with Jeremiah (Cameron Monaghan) blowing up the bridges connecting Gotham with the rest of civilisation. That essentially set up a story inspired by DC comic books story “No Man’s Land”. Well, it seems we can now expect a three-month jump ahead in time in Season 5.

Jumping Ahead

John Stephens, executive producer for the show, said that it’s more complicated than that, however. He revealed that while there’s a 391-day time jump at the beginning of the opening episode, it settles in back at 87 days. So when we see the series return, Gotham will be set in just over 12 months after the bridges were destroyed by Jeremiah before it settles back into a three-month jump. Assumedly, the series will go on to tell how Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz), Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie), and any other survivors will be living in Gotham at whatever point it’s at on the 391-day jump.

Those two jumps aren’t the only ones we’ll see in Season 5. Stephens added that the final episode will once again jump ahead, this time a decade into the future. This is where we’ll see Bruce Wayne in all his Caped Crusader glory. We’ll have to wait to find out whether Mazouz will be donning the Bat suit or not, however. It would be interesting to see for fans have gotten used to the boy version of Bruce Wayne. A number of actors have played the playboy billionaire-cum-crime-fighter over the years, of course, from Lewis G Wilson in 1943 through to Ben Affleck in the recent Zak Snyder movies, but we’ve seen each of those in their full Bat gear.

The Waiting Game

David Mazouz. Photo by Gage Skidmore

David Mazouz. Photo by Gage Skidmore

We’ll have to wait and see who will play our hero next on the big screen but at least we’ll get to enjoy Mazouz for another season yet. For now, Batman fans can enjoy the reruns on Netflix or revel in the plethora of Bat merchandise out there including t-shirts and other apparel, as well as video games like Arkham Asylum and The Dark Knight Rises slot game. The latter is available on Betfair, where players get 25 free spins and can win up to €200,000.

Any longtime fan of the show is likely hoping that the actor who was just 13 years of age in the show’s pilot will truly become Batman. You’ll have to wait a whole year yet before finding out whether that wish comes true it not. So far we just know that the show will premiere at some point in the new year.

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