17th Oct2018

‘Soulcalibur 2’ Video Casino Game Trials At G2E

by James Smith


Fans of Soulcalibur 2 will be excited to learn that GameCo and Namco have combined to release a skill based video casino game themed on the popular console title. It trialled this week at the G2E Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas and early feedback has been positive.

The original console title, released on xBox and PlayStation platforms in 2003, was a major success with both gamers and critics. Players would fight in a Tekken-style environment against various characters with intention of gathering all pieces of the Soul Edge weapon in order to destroy it once and for all. A HD version of the game was also released in 2013 digitally and given the it’s decade spanning popularity and arcade style it makes perfect sense as a video based casino title.

So what does the casino gambling version of Soulcalibur 2 have to offer?

Well as expected you earn cash for each opponent you can beat with your overall score determining your payout. Game rounds will aim to last around 45 seconds to the 1 minute mark and to get paid you’ve got to make it to the Inferno round and win. GameCo have said they will employ an RNG based structure to help determine how much you can win.


For players this means that although there is some skill element involved in the game, if you can’t beat the opponent that’s in front of you then you can’t earn a pay out, you’re also subjected to the mercy of a random number generator to determine how much you can win and that’s where the real gambling element comes into play.

Alloutslots.com writer and editor David Simpson, who has experience with skill based gambling games, said this when asked about what chances players have to win:

The better you are at the game the more chance you have of winning so anyone who’s put hours into the console title will be in a better position than those who’ve never played before. However, players need to understand that house edge is built into skill based casino games so winning over the long term is still unlikely. Whilst were still waiting to learn exactly how SoulCalibur 2 is going to work in casinos, I’d imagine either pay outs will be randomized or some rounds will simply be unbeatable – look out for stickers on the back of these games if you do play as legally they’ve got to display a message explaining how and what the games pay out.

Regardless of exactly how the machines will reward players there’s no doubt that these skill based console titles are going to appeal to a younger generation of casino gambler and that’s likely exactly what Las Vegas big wigs are looking for. Expect to see more of the same in the coming months as video casino games get rolled out on the casino floor.

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