16th Oct2018

Online Slots Reviewed – Simba Games and Slotomania

by James Smith


Thanks to the development of web technologies, players worldwide can now enjoy the fun and great looking slot games. The new online slot games are very engaging and fun. With the amazing graphics and captivating sound effects, they are able to provide the ultimate gaming experience. But where to find the best online slots? That’s the perfect question. There are dozens of websites online offering this type of entertainment. Some of them feature not-so-great online slots. This is why we have decided to share and review the two best places to enjoy online slots.

Simba Games Review

If you are into online slots, we suggest you make the Simba Games website online casino your next stop. This online casino features a great number of online slots that pack a lot of fun and engagement. Their one-armed bandits are very popular in the online gaming community. They offer both old and new slot games. All of the old games have been revamped and updated to the 2.0 version. What does this mean? Classic slot machines with three reels spinning have the brand new design. If you have played one of these in a brick and mortar casino, you will be happy to find their online relatives to be exact replicas.

The brand new games are also there. These have 5 spinning reels, and special features such as scatter symbols, different wild cards and a surprising amount of pay lines. Instead of the handle, these games feature a spin button. Simba Games offers a wide range of themed online slots. Whether you want to become a ninja or embark on a gem hunting expedition, this website won’t let you down. Not recently ago, Simba Games released a number of 3D slot machines. These pack a lot of fun and add an entirely new dimension to the gaming experience. Thanks to their incredible graphics and captivating animations, they have become very popular.

Simba Games offer attractive promotions to the new players. After you make your first deposit, you’ll receive a 100% bonus, which worth cannot exceed £50. New players will also receive 25 spins on the top 5 reels online slot – Ninja Master. Daily picks and tournaments are great gamification features that make the everyday gaming experience even better. And as with most online slot sites, you can rest assured that you chances of winning are kept intact by a computer software, as explained in this article.

Simba Games has 24/7 support. Their website is operated by Skill on Net Ltd and registered in Malta under Reg. No. C50024. This company operates under a gaming license issued by the Gambling Commission of Great Britain.

Slotomania Review

Slotomania is another great place for those of you who enjoy spinning the reels. Governed by the fact that playing free slots for fun is not considered gambling, Slotomania allowed its users to enjoy the most popular online slots for free. Slotomania is a quite popular online slots website. It attracts over 100 million spinners from all over the world. To bring the true casino experience to their players, they have done a marvelous job designing their website and selecting the best online slots in the industry.

What surprised us when we were reviewing the slot games available on Slotomania is the amount of the effort they’ve put into the slots that are completely free to play. It really became obvious why this website is very popular in the online slots gaming community. Their free-to-play video slots games have lots of unique features. The most exciting one is definitely SlotoCards. A feature that enables players to collect cards as they play and become eligible to win big prizes. The SlotoQuest is a thrilling gamification feature that sets players on the quest to follow a trail on different slot machines. Those who make their way to the very end of the quest are in for the ultimate grand prize.

The luckiest of the players will be able to get Boosters for free. The boosters are a paid feature, but they are not restricted to players who enjoy playing for free. Once you get one, you’ll be able to enhance the games you play and benefit more from playing it. The social feature – Gifts from Friends – is particularly interesting. This one will allow you to send and receive coin gifts on Facebook. The Mystery Gift is the most interesting one, as you’ll never know what it hides.

During the review, we weren’t able to run out of coins, as the new ones arrived every 3 hours. In fact, there are 15 different ways to collect coins every day. Slotomania offers a great variety of mobile slot games for those of you who love gaming on smartphones.

There are too many online casino trends at the moment. And finding the proper website to enjoy games is a hard task. Hopefully, these two reviews will help you make your decision. We hope that you will enjoy your time while playing some of the best online slots from the comfort of your home.

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