15th Oct2018

The Spookiest Games to Play This Halloween

by James Smith

Halloween night is approaching. Forget carving jack-o’-lanterns, prepping costumes and stocking up for the trick-or-treaters though. Whether you’re a fan or slot games, video games or even board games, now’s the time to start looking for the spookiest thing to play. Hunting down a good horror game is like looking for a pumpkin seed in a haystack. Many games that say they’re ‘spooky’ turn out to be too gross, too weird or even too funny to actually deliver the kind of thrills you seek.

Luckily for you, however, we’ve decided to do most of the hard work for you this year. We’ve tested hundreds of titles (sorting the dead good from the bad) to put together a list of the best horror games from every genre that you’ll not want to miss playing this Halloween. There’s something for every type of gamer. We’ve got a horrifying first-person shooter designed for Xbox and PlayStation, a Victorian-style detective game that’ll have you hunting down one of history’s biggest killers, and a game from bgo slots that lets you slay vampires for cash prizes.

Check them all out in the list below (if you think you’re brave enough), then get ready to have shivers sent up your spine. Have fun and we wish you a very happy Halloween!


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