15th Oct2018

Spice up your Halloween with this ‘Halloween Bingo Card’

by James Smith

With the spookiest day of the year just around the corner, are you prepared for all those trick or treaters, basic Halloween parties and horror conventions? No matter your plans for the lead up to Halloween or the night itself, why not download this Halloween bingo card to spice up your night? If you’re heading to another basic Halloween party, how many of your friends do you think will dress themselves politically? Perhaps a dancing Theresa May or an Orange Trump?

Or will there be plenty of annoying couple costumes that are just too cutesy for Halloween? Do you think Michael Jacksons hit song ‘Thriller’ make it onto the Halloween playlist? Or will the host try to contact the dead with a Ouija board? With this downloadable Halloween bingo card, you and your friends can have even more fun, by checking off these Halloween sightings wherever you go. Or if you’re staying at home and watching a scary movie, how many greedy trick or treaters will you encounter? Carved pumpkins out in your neighbourhood?

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