11th Oct2018

WWE Smackdown Live – Oct 9th 2018: Results & Review

by Phil Wheat


Welcome to this week’s review of Smackdown Live, which will – undoubtedly like Raw the previous night – feature more of the fall out from the Super Show-Down pay per view in Melbourne, Australia.

Match #1: SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair ended in a double count-out

The following is courtesy of WWE.com:

After Becky Lynch got herself intentionally disqualified during her title match against Charlotte Flair at WWE Super Show-Down this past Saturday, the champion and challenger once again collided for the gold. This time, however, The Irish Lass Kicker would lose her title if she was once again disqualified. The two bitter rivals picked up where they left off on Saturday, trading wicked haymakers at a breakneck pace. Both Superstars began to feel the ramifications of their recent ruckuses and were scrapping with everything they had to get an edge. At one point, Lynch grabbed her title and was seemingly ready to hightail it out of the arena. Charlotte would have none of it, however, and dragged her back. Becky contemplated striking Flair with the title, and the referee seemingly considered disqualifying her, but Charlotte instead continued to engage, prompting the match to carry on. After a Bexploder and a wicked suplex by Becky and Charlotte on the outside of the ring, respectively, the two continued to slug it out and lost track of the referee’s 10-count in the heat of the battle, leading to a double count-out. As the ladies continued to brawl after the count of 10, the fight spilled to the top of the stage, and The Queen savagely speared The Irish Lass Kicker right through the LED boards attached to the entranceway. Both Superstars were down, hurt and one thing was clear: There were no boundaries to how far this rivalry could go.

My Take: Another fantastic match between these two women, marred only by Charlotte Flair’s over-selling and the seeming lack of impact in some of her offensive moves… Both of which can be forgiven thanks to that epic spear through the LED board, which looked to have actually hurt both competitors. I know this feud (which is easily one of the best the WWE has had in a looong time) has to end with a solid, clear winner  – but can we keep this “dusty finish” streak Lynch is on for a bit longer? I’m loving the sheer gall of Lynch to keep walking away from matches to keep the belt!

Match #2: Jeff Hardy def. Samoa Joe to qualify for the WWE World Cup

The following is courtesy of WWE.com:

Jeff Hardy made his first appearance since his horrific crash and burn at WWE Hell in a Cell, and he jumped right into the fire by taking on Samoa Joe in a Qualifying Match for the WWE World Cup at WWE Crown Jewel. The Samoan Submission Machine was looking to unleash the anger he was harboring after coming up just short in his quest for the WWE Title at WWE Super Show-Down and wasted no time looking to batter his smaller opponent. Hardy would refuse to stay down though, rallying back on Joe every chance he could. At the height of the action, Joe seemed to re-tweak the knee he had injured against AJ Styles this past Saturday, and Jeff aggressively targeted the injured body part, even as the referee tried to pry him away from Joe. The relentless Hardy almost seemed like a different person as he continuously attacked the weakness. Soon, the official deemed that The Samoan Submission Machine was too harmed to continue, leading to him calling for the bell and awarding the match to Jeff Hardy via referee stoppage. The Charismatic Enigma was back, and he seemed like a changed daredevil after his Hell in a Cell experience.

My Take: An OK match between two guys who can do this sort of thing in their sleep. If only thjey were given the chance to actually show what they can do together. But then smarky fans would complain they’d seen it all before on TNA right? Oh no, I’ve mentioned that “other” show in a WWE review and now Vince’s wrestling police are beating down my door!

Match #3: AJ Styles def. Shelton Benjamin

The following is courtesy of WWE.com:

Looking to continue his winning ways after claiming a monumental victory over Daniel Bryan last week (albeit with an assist by The Miz), Shelton Benjamin squared off with AJ Styles in a thriller on SmackDown LIVE. With The Miz and Bryan both on commentary speaking about The Beard’s upcoming WWE Championship Match against Styles as well as their ongoing issues, all eyes were on Styles to see if he could quell the surging Shelton. The Phenomenal One and Benjamin captivated the WWE Universe with a match that had everything from technical mastery to awe-inspiring aerial attacks. Benjamin applied pressure, but Styles wore Benjamin down with the Calf Crusher and soared through the skies to crack his opponent with the Phenomenal Forearm for the win as The “Yes!” Man approvingly applauded from ringside.

My Take: Hey, at least Shelton Benjamin is finally getting some TV time right? Right…?

Match #4: Randy Orton def. Big Show to qualify for the WWE World Cup

The following is courtesy of WWE.com:

There would be no warming up in the bullpen for Big Show as he made his grand return to the ring on SmackDown LIVE, taking on Randy Orton in a WWE World Cup Qualifying Match. In his first match in over a year, Big Show was the same colossal force he’s always been, and The World’s Largest Athlete looked as crisp and powerful as ever. The Apex Predator, however, survived an onslaught, even kicking out of a ring-rattling Choke Slam. Orton wisely evaded the Knockout Punch, and after poking Big Show in the eye when the referee’s view was obstructed, The Viper connected with a massive RKO for the win, punching his ticket to the WWE World Cup, where the best in the world will be determined.

My Take: Given that former WWE stable Evolution (Batista, Flair, Orton & Triple H), are reuniting on TV next week it was only fitting that the main event of this weeks Smackdown was a throwback to the same era of wrestling. In case you aren’t reading what I’m writing down: this match felt like a terrible step back in output for the WWE. All the progress and progressiveness Smackdown puports to feature and we this for a main event… Time to start a new hashtag: #GiveTheRestOfTheRosterAChance.

News of the Night:

  1. The “One Night in Milwaukee” tape was, as predicted, nothing salacious – hopefully we can stop talking about Milwaukee now?
  2. Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch is to be a “Last Woman Standing” match at the Evolution PPV. Apparently its the ‘first’ such match… WWE’s selective memory strikes again as they are forgetting the actual FIRST such match happening on NXT.
  3. Big Show is back to in-ring competition.
  4. The Evolution reunion is announced for next week’s SmackDown 1000, featuring Batista, Ric Flair, Triple H and Randy Orton.
  5. Rey Mysterio vs. Shinsuke Nakamura in a World Cup qualifying match is then announced for next week’s Smackdown 1000.

Final Verdict: 1/5

So 4 matches in a 2-hour show? OK, so we’re now averaging 30 minutes a match… If only all those 30 minutes actually were given over to matches; and if only the matches we did get were any but time-fillers. OK, so the first match of the night was a blast and had a great pay off (hence the ONE point for the show), but it did seem like the rest of the card was just a show and its roster going through the motions. Again, we’re in a holding pattern… this time not only for Evolution and Crown Jewel but also next weeks Smackdown 1000 episode!


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