07th Oct2018

Why You Should Play ‘Super Mario Crossover’ at Least Once in Your Life

by James Smith


Super Mario Bros. is a classic game that took the world by storm in the early 80s. For those who have been living under a rock, Super Mario Bros. is a deceptively simple platformer, where players try to steer the Italian plumber across obstacles such as Goombas and deadly plants. The objective? Rescue Mario’s sweet, sweet Princess Peach from the clutches of the evil King Koopa!

Now, you may have beaten Super Mario Bros. a few times before, but did you know that there’s a reboot of the game that makes it even more interesting? Enter Super Mario Crossover, a flash-based Super Mario Bros game that makes things more interesting by adding some playable characters from the zany world of Nintendo. Yep, that’s right- you can play as your favorite characters Link, Mega Man, Samus Aran, Simon Belmont, Bill Rizer, Sophia the 3rd, Luigi and Bass on a crossover platform, so to speak. There are several sites that offer Super Mario Crossover, but the best one to play it on is PlayMarioGames.com.

Here’s why you should at least spend a good 10 to 15 minutes trying it out:

It’s Fun!

Have you ever wondered how neat it would be if you could, say play Super Mario Bros. with a game character like Mega Man, who can shoot beams out of his hands? Or by playing as Link, a sword-slashing hero? Forget about balance- Super Mario Crossover is all about having fun! You can play the game as a different character and still have the time of your life. Blast out roaming Koopas and nasty Plants with a handy projectile any time. You may find that each character has his or her own quirks that change different aspects of gameplay. While it may be true that you can beat the game more easily with Mega Man’s Mega Buster or Simon Belmont’s double jump (which can be handy in the later stages), the thrill of discovering what you can do with each one makes Super Mario Crossover one of the best flash games you’ll ever play.

It Has Good Replayability

Most flash-based games are repetitive and are only made up of a few stages. Super Mario Crossover is a complete game in itself with a few modifications. The addition of other playable characters instantly gives the game remarkable depth in terms of replayability. This is great for gamers who simply must beat Super Mario Bros. using all the available characters! You can spend anywhere between an hour to a couple to get to the end part. Multiply that with dozens of characters and you get to spend more than 20 hours to achieve full completion. And that’s not even counting speed runs, where players must make it to the end in the soonest possible time.

It’s Free To Play

Head over to Mario Games Online to play great Mario flash games, including the latest Mario Crossover, Super Mario Crossover 3. All you need is a compatible device, and internet connection and lots of time to spend. Sit back and rediscover retro gaming that takes you back to your glorious gaming years!

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