07th Oct2018

Online Casino Trends in 2018

by James Smith


The gambling industry has continued to exceed in popularity since it was first introduced back in 1891 with the first ever slot machine. Since our humanity is ever-growing and, advancing gambling has been able to excel alongside this. The introduction of technology has allowed online gambling to be used by a mass of the population.

They are soaring with players who get to enjoy their favourite gambling games at their convenience which could be at their homes or on the go. Researchers are always looking for new ways we can use technology which is brilliant for online gambling, and it gives opportunities for online gaming itself to expand in the way it is presented and played by players. This creates high competition between online casino games. They look to keep updated with new features and trends to keep their players intrigued and satisfied, as well as attract new ones.

VR technology

An exciting new feature that has been introduced is called Virtual Reality technology. This is a fantastic technology that mixes ‘virtual’ which is near reality, with real reality which is what we experience as human beings. You may have seen a product brought out which are called VR headsets, they are being used to put over your eyes to see or play something that looks real but is not physically there, for example playing a casino game. Online casinos have benefited so much from VR technology as it’s currently a massive trend, it really gives players the opportunity to get a realistic feel from the game, and best yet they don’t have actually to have to go anywhere to play it. The graphics that these casino games entail are amazing. It enhances the general experience that players go through and will leave them wanting to play it again.

AR technology

Alongside VR technology you also have the opposite called AR technology, short for Augmented Reality and its purpose is to alter our perception of a real-life environment. Some apps have been introduced where you can play around with AR features, for example, a new app called Pokemon Go was a hit sensation, and this is an AR technology application. AR is yet to reach much of the online gambling industry, but big plans for the future of online casinos and AR technology have been put in place, they are currently working on more inventions in general, so where online gambling is concerned, we hope one day to see a new futuristic way of playing. The initial idea would be able to view most online casinos games on your phone realistically around you, almost like a 3D hologram or animation, but not there in real life.

Crypto Payment Methods

When cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin and others were introduced it became a huge trend and started to exceed massively in popularity, it sparked that much of a great impression that there are now online casinos that accept digital currencies as a form of payment, it is known to be like the internet equivalent of paying by cash.

The main benefits for players is that you save more a lot more money by paying little or no fees, its processor speed is miraculous, it only depends on your internet connection, and it is also currently the most secure form of payment as you can anonymously deposit and withdraw, you don’t even have to input any financial information for any payments you make. Not all online casinos offer crypto payment methods, so it is essential to search for the correct ones first if you specifically want to use this method.

AI & Big Data

Big Data sets are used massively in the online gambling industry. It helps tailor specific needs to their players. This tracking software collects data on which games gamblers are playing the most, how long they play it for, how much money they have spent and more. The benefit is that they can offer the most suitable games to their players based on their experience, age or country or previous history on the gambling sites. It has also enabled top online casinos listed on CasinoHex to operate loyalty schemes which are loved by their players, they are also offered bonuses while or after playing their casino games which are done by the software picking up the amount they have played it for, therefore helps the casino recognise that and reward them for their loyalty. Having this data constantly congregate educate online casinos about their customers and their behaviour and what they enjoy playing the most.

Flexible Mobile Gambling Platforms

Since mobile gambling has been introduced, it has rocketed in favorability by players. It offers many gambling platforms like apps and websites that are very accessible to use. Before this was so popular, society used to crave the idea of having a computer or laptop, this was the most significant trend as you had access at home or anywhere with WiFi the internet, this itself is limitless in what you can use it for, games and online sites and even work use. When our technology advanced to a whole new level, it introduced a mobile phone which we could do all of these things with and much more. You can imagine how brilliantly this would have benefited gambling lovers as their flexibility to do so is illimitable, with either having 4G or WiFi you can take your phone and your favourite casino game everywhere with you, it’s become majorly popular.

Live Dealer Experience

Have you ever thought it would be possible to gamble at home but feel like you are actually at a casino? The live dealer experience ticks many players boxes as it involves being in your comfort while all the gambling comes to you. This new trend is used by players who although don’t enjoy being surrounded by a casino, enjoy having a part of it brought to your home. What makes this so realistic is that you are playing a game for example Blackjack, against a real live dealer in a casino itself. You play against a live dealer through a live video stream, you can hear and see them but they cannot to you, they can only look at the options that you choose to go with. This offers players a new and different way of experiencing a casino game and also helps the casinos themselves grow in profit.

Brand Slots

Online casinos are having great success with their branded slots. These slot games are branded by other companies who have produced things such as Scarface, Tomb Raider and Lord of the Rings. The online branded slots look brilliantly detailed and instantly attract players that already have a love for that specific brand, these games even attract people that are yet ever to gamble. There is the talk of a new collaboration with Marvel Entertainment to introduce Marvel slot games, the number of fans there are for this brand and that potentially also like a gamble, it’s the perfect mix for new and satisfied customers. Not all games created by online casinos are directly branded games, there are many games such as Robin Hood which has received just as much recognition for it’s fun and rewarding system, an excellent way for players to enjoy a slot game based around their favourite movie

Gambling in Messengers

Now we have the new and continually updating technology. It allows companies to find new ways of being able to gamble fairly and at the most convenient for their players. For example, a new trend that is currently in the works is being able to play within messenger (regular messenger on your phone) and also through facebook messenger. Paddy Power has recently announced this new investment and is implementing their betting games through Facebook messenger as they have found that most of their players use this platform, Facebook users who gamble will be able to place bets, accepts bets and check their balance. You can already play online gambling games in your phone messenger. They come through like standard messages that you reply to with your next move, BotGaming is just one of these platforms and whenever you win the funds will be transferred instantly, straight to your BotCoin wallet.

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