03rd Oct2018

Opinionated: Z is for Liar (WWE)

by Nathan Favel


I should make it clear that I’m writing this while watching Orson Welles’s “F Is For fake”, which has spurned my desire to write some-thing similar…mostly because I’m out of ideas… but also because I already said I was going to write a column about Vince McMahon’s hypocrisy in Saudi Arabia. As if to set the tone, I wrote hypocrisy as hypocracy, which might give you an indication of how bereft of intelligence I am to lambast anyone for being a hypocrite. I even spelt hypocrite wrong when I first typed it!

Vince McMahon is running a Pay Per View that’s dedicated to women called Evolution, which will be confused by the faction of the same name, called Evolution. Triple H is at the center of both the event and the faction that share the same name. While it could be argued that Triple H has championed the women’s event concept and fought for the existence of it, the simple fact of the matter is that only Vince McMahon can be given credit for this happening. For a man who has profited from abusing the pride of women, Vince McMahon has been able to make enough money to buy the pride of the same women who have worked for him since the 1980s.

Evolution and Crown Jewel, two very different wrestling cards, are occurring at around the same time. Evolution is a card dedicated to women, while Crown Jewel, a product of a Saudi Arabian prince’s money that comes from the fight for the oil supply in his country, is only comprised of men, due to the lingering sexism of the country. Triple H once said that the only way to fight Saudi Arabia’s sexism is to go to the country and run events, as if to establish that if Vince pleases the prince enough, he will consider giving women their souls back. I would wager that it would be better to go to Saudi Arabia on your own and run wrestling cards without the money of the prince tainting your efforts, but that is not the way Saudi Arabia works. It could be argued that it is necessary to do what you can to take the money away from the corrupt, because it may not make its way to good people if you do not. We have too many reports from former wrestlers of Vince McMahon that he is too shrewd with sharing the wealth to the people who actually earn that money for him. What can be said of the fate of blood money if it is never washed? Is Vince’s bank account sticky after piles of cash have been left to linger over the years? I’m of a mind that Vince just doesn’t care what happens to any other person after he gets his check… or even more so when it is cashed.

Is that any different than what I’m doing? I didn’t think to write this until after I saw a couple of similar columns on a few of the wrestling sites and a feeling of not doing it first has been swimming around in my stomach ever since. Speaking of those other articles, it’s reasonable to assume that they, like I am, are getting paid to write for these sites that their work has appeared on. Would any of us do this if we were not under the impression that we are going to get a reward for our work, whether it be money, fame or respect? What of the people that will read this? How do I have any assurance that any person that views this column is not a criminal? A murderer could very easily strangle a victim to death and end their evening reading this. I don’t support murder, so knowing that a murderer read this may not be the best thing to learn. The question becomes whether or not if I could keep writing knowing a killer is enjoying my stuff. The truth is I could, because you have to. The good comes bound to the bad and there is no way to break that bond. Besides, there are so many people who are decent and don’t deserve to be punished for the deeds of a few. What if the owner of this site was a felon of some kind? Would I choose to stop writing for Nerdly if its proprietor was found to be a crook [I’m not – Phil]? I would have to on moral grounds, but am I, by nature, willing to give people a second chance, perhaps almost to a fault. Keep in mind that I have no reason to believe any person at Nerdly is committing any crime, so I am not at conflict about continuing to write for Nerdly. Does being forgiving of other people’s mistakes make me kind or an accomplice? I write about the WWE and make money from it, but I know, or at least suspect, that its owner is a criminal, yet I accept money for giving my opinion of his work. I complain about his bad booking and promoting skills, yet by uttering a single word about his wrestling league, I am giving it more attention than I feel it deserves. I once wrote for PWMania and didn’t even realize that its owner was using the “cut and paste” technique to put news on the site. It’s easy to get involved with things you might not normally be involved with if could see it from afar, but having that perspective is not always a luxury that is afforded to us.

I could keep going on about the hypocrisy of Vince McMahon, but my hypocrisy is just as bad, even if it is by accident. I claim to be a man of character, but I have the same feelings of greed flying around in my head when the thought of publishing this thing surfaces. The idea that this column could potentially become a hit and make me popular for a few minutes seeps through the cracks of my skull every so often. One reason why I do so much comedy now is because it deflates my ego instantly and gives you and me a laugh at the same time. I do what I can to remind myself that for all the good things I can do in the world, there are people like Vince McMahon who can be manipulating our intentions without us ever knowing it. I would like to think that talking about the hypocrisy of WWE running a women’s card and a card that forbids women from wrestling would make a difference. Perhaps my efforts will convince a few people with more power than me to help throw a couple stones in the other bucket, but you just never know. At the end of the day, we all struggle with having to live in a world where the corrupt can get away with an awful lot and it is important to talk about a problem if you see one. Hypocrisy is no reason not to mention what problems need to be solved.

As for the title of this column, “Z Is For Liar”, it was just a good way to introduce this thing. I will admit that there might still be a poignant reason for keeping the title, but it does not mean that I have to spend all day explaining it. Actually, I am not sure why I kept the title, so I just made that last sentence to sound responsible. By the way, do not be afraid to go and enjoy both Evolution and Crown Jewel, as they will both feature great wrestling from athletes who are going to work very hard to entertain you. Just because Vince McMahon has tainted the fun that does not mean that you should not have a good time. Hell, if you really want to make difference, you should watch both shows then send Vince millions of videos on why he should give his wrestlers a whole hell of a lot more money than he already does. That being said, tell him to clean the bills off before passing them out to the employees. “Sticky Fingers” might be a good song, but it’s a lousy way to go about your life, isn’t it?


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