02nd Oct2018

Are Advances in Technology Making Online Casinos Accessible and Inclusive for Older Gamers?

by James Smith


The online slots and casino business has increased almost immeasurably over the last five to ten years, becoming a massive earner for the many online bookmakers and casinos out there in the ether. Despite having pretty basic origins, these casinos, with their many different games and ways of making (or indeed losing) money, are becoming more and more advanced every year. Most game developers and casino operators would likely agree that advances in modern technology are certainly helping them to keep the punters coming in and that it’s fair to assume that gamblers will keep coming back if the games that they are playing are delivering the experience they desire.

But the question seems to be, are the powers that be, really fulfilling the needs of every potential demographic? Can they even manage to do so and is there any point making the effort to bring in minority gamblers? Well the answer to all of these questions, is a definite, affirmative yes. Of course online slots websites already cater to the young adult and middle-aged gambler, but what about the older gamblers of the world?

Those guys and girls who, in their younger days could be seen frequenting bookmakers with a screwed-up betting slip or dressing up in their best clothes for a night in the casino and even happily hitting the flashing buttons of a fruit machine or one-armed bandit in a dingy bar. Have they all moved with the times and developed the necessary skills to play online? The answer in most cases is probably no, so how exactly are online casino companies using technology to make themselves available to an older client group? All is about to be revealed…

Simpler, More Traditional looking Games

If older gamers see online or digital forms of games they used to enjoy in actual physical form, then they are going to be tempted to have a little dabble. Most online casinos already have the classic games like Blackjack, Roulette and Poker, but often a lot of online slots can appear a little, complicated, fangled and, well, modern.

Whereas the likes of classic casino games Roulette and Poker cannot really be embellished or made more complex, some modern slot games involve complex play systems and bonus rounds, which may well be off putting to elder generations. So the use of simpler games, bigger graphics and games designed in a similar vein to old school physical fruit machines, with simple rules, are bound to be attractive to elder generations. And with modern day High Definition, such simple slots can look just as spectacular as more complex games and can attract the young gambler just as frequently. Popular games such as ‘Crazy 7’s’, available in many casinos, keeps things traditional with big, bold graphics, only three reels and different coloured 7’s as the play symbols.

Ease of Play/Access

Elderly gamblers can have difficulty with technological advances full stop, without even thinking about how they may manage to gamble online. Simply getting onto a computer, mobile or tablet may hold enough issues in itself, without even thinking about how to register onto a site or learn the rules of a game. But, like most forward-thinking businesses, online casino providers are beginning to come up with new ideas on making their facilities more inclusive.

Online Casinos such as ‘Café Casino’ are offering a more welcoming environment and provide games that are essentially very easy to operate and play, with fairly simple rules, but without losing the fun and excitement. ‘Easy Slots’, not only offer simplistic gambling but also offer a unique ‘three step registration process’, which aims to enable the older gamer to register for their services with ease and confidence, even if they have already endured a long process and getting their device to the site beforehand!

Better Ways to Access Casinos

As we have already considered, logging on to a device and then finding a site to visit in itself can be enough to deter some older gamblers, but if they then have to think about downloading the games to their device or installing the necessary software to run them, well then, the nightmare begins. However, some online companies are beginning to accept how much of a pain in the proverbial butt this can be and are starting to offer ‘Instant Play’.
This is a process offered by casinos such as ‘Casimba’ and ‘Leo-Vegas’, where the player can access the games directly and play immediately without the use of Flash or Adobe or anything else, simply log on and roll. This sort of none downloadable tech is supported by most mobile and computer operating systems including Apple, Android and Windows, so is pretty accessible for all.


Simpler Ways to Pay

Finding methods of uploading your wager (or if lady luck is on your side, cashing your winnings) can always be a definite snag for many online gamers, down to issues around both ease and security of payments. But with the advent of modern secure online banking and better ways for companies to use these payment methods, things are looking a lot rosier for the older gambler.

Suddenly we have found ourselves in an environment where inputting long card numbers or remembering passwords is not always necessary. We now find ourselves able to use our ‘PayPal’ or ‘Google Play’ accounts in selected casino’s, and that is a massive boost before we even consider Touch ID Login. Touch ID login is a secure, signing in system which recognises a person by their own unique fingerprint. It is a technology that has slowly been being used with mobile devices, but now thanks to ‘Apple Pay’s’ love of the tech, can be used in some online casinos as a way to login and securely pay, with no passwords, fees or transaction history. Despite how wonderful this undoubtedly sounds, it is only feasible if you have a device with this tech, an ‘Apple Pay’ account, and use a casino that offers the process such as ‘888 Casino’.

And a Little Special Advance

Maybe, what could be amazing for older and possibly elderly gamblers to enjoy inclusive online gambling, could just be a way to get online without having to type or press buttons on a device? Maybe they could be a sufferer of Parkinson’s Disease or have painful, arthritic fingers? That would make online gambling impossible, so how can casinos help this?

Well that’s simple, because, let’s not forget ‘Voice Recognition’ technology, like Siri, is being used on our mobile devices more and more, and with greater results, so surely this can be used to help elderly gamblers I hear you scream! And it certainly is. ‘Voice Recognition’ definitely makes a lot of devices a lot simpler, for a lot of people as it provides a much more usable interface and companies such as ‘Unibet Casino’ are currently beginning to experiment with how they can make play simpler with voice recognition tech on their classic games such as Roulette, Baccarat and Poker. ‘BetFred’, have also trialled a process of offering sports betting via voice recognition, so this may well be a system we see used more by online casinos in the near future.


And so there we go, perhaps it is not so difficult for big online casinos to broaden their target audience a little and make their gaming more attractive and accessible for older generations, after all it is those gamblers who showed younger generations how to enjoy a flutter in the first place. Modern technology is paving the way for online casinos to be an almost real, virtual environment and making the player experience less and less difficult all of the time.
The advances we have discussed, I’m quite sure are just the tip of the iceberg, and there are almost definitely many more things going on that we don’t know about. But it is clear to see that, those advances we know about and can already use, will certainly make online casinos more accessible and enjoyable for everyone, not to mention our older generations.

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