27th Sep2018

Nerdly Wrestling Awards – Week Four

by Nathan Favel


Welcome to this week’s Nerdly Wrestling Awards! I’m Nathan Favel and I still find it weird to use exclamations when I write, because you know I sure as hell am not shouting when I imagine saying all of this in person. We have a pretty good week to cover, in some areas any-way. Here we go! I’m not shouting, by the way. It’s meant to be excitement. AREN’T YOU EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!

Worst Promo:

Hendry’s Music Mania (Impact)

This was a pretty lousy way to waste television time.

Best Promo:

Becky Lynch’s Coronation (WWE Smackdown)

Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair had a clash of words and wills that ended in an intense brawl. Lynch was made to look like a heel, but it just made her more of a face. In real people talk, Lynch is champion and Flair wanted to steal her spot-light… with passive aggression. Needless to say, every-body was very happy to see Flair get knocked down and out by Lynch, who comes across like she’s had enough of sharing her accolades with greedy people. It’s not hard to see why the crowds hate Flair and love Lynch and promos like this one will only serve to further, not halt, Lynch’s appeal as a hero.

Worst Moment:

Universal Title/Dusty Finish (WWE: Hell in a Cell)

A good match was ruined by so much interference that it made it impossible to even let the Pay Per View continue after Brock Lesnar was booked to attack both Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman at the bout’s climax. That’s what Vince gets for screwing with the formula in favor of his ego.

Best Moment:

Becky Lynch Wins Glory (WWE: Hell in a Cell)

This may not have been the best match, but it was the best moment of the week. When Becky Lynch won the Women’s Title, she got to have the moment that almost wasn’t even afforded to Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania 30. People were thrilled Lynch won and she is a true star now.

Worst Trend:

Booker-Man’s Lazy Holiday (WWE, Impact Wrestling, Ring of Honor, Major League Wrestling and Lucha Underground)

The vast majority of matches this week, including the Hell in a Cell PPV, were filled with weak bouts that, in some cases, got good reviews, but never reached the next level, besides the lone few that received the great ratings that they did. Most of this week felt like it could be missed and you never want to have a card like that.

Best Trend:

Great Title Matches (Hell in a Cell, Smackdown, 205 Live)

There were lots of title matches that got the blood pumping, especially the Raw Tag Team Title match. It was a good week to be a champion in the WWE.

Worst Match:

Jonathan Gresham versus Bully Ray (Ring of Honor)

I gave this match a 0 out 5. If it wasn’t for this match, the Authors of Pain would have taken this with a 0.5 out of 5 match from Raw. What else can I say?

Best Match:

Raw Tag Team Champions Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntrye versus Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins – Raw Tag Team Title Match (WWE: Hell in a Cell)

Phil said this might be the best WWE match of the year and it just might be. I’ve even amending my rating of 4.5 out of 5 to be 5 out of 5, for this match. This bout is that good. Think of the 2002 No Mercy Smackdown WWE Tag Team Title match with Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit fighting Edge and Rey Mysterio if you want an idea of how good this one is.

Worst Wrestler:

Bully Ray (Ring of Honor)

Ray was one half of the worst match of the week. Booked to get disqualified, the normally interesting Ray was nothing to write home about this week and just brought down the momentum of the card once he simply appeared on camera. It was one of those weeks for the former TNA/Impact World Champion, but I bet Ray has a better one at Death Before Dishonor.

Best Wrestler:

TIE – Pentagon and Fenix (Lucha Underground, Major League Wrestling and Impact Wrestling)

These brothers dominated three leagues in the ring and even on the mic and were the best part of each broadcast. These guys had one hell of a week and are having one hell of a year.

Worst League:

Ring of Honor

Having the worst match of the week, as well as only a few good matches, kept Ring of Honor from retaining its quality from previous weeks.

Best League:

TIE – (WWE, Impact Wrestling, Major League Wrestling and Lucha Underground)

This four-way tie isn’t saying much, because each league only received a 2.5 out of 5 rating. Ring of Honor got a 2 out of 5, so it didn’t make the cut.

Final Verdict: 2.5 out of 5 – This week, as a whole, was decent, at best, with only the 5 out of 5 Raw Tag Team Title match to give us something truly remarkable. We did have the 4 out of 5 Cruiserweight Title match and the 4 out of 5 Randy Orton/Jeff Hardy Hell in a Cell match to give us a little extra something special to talk about, but that was it as far as what you’ll wanna remember in the years to come.


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