24th Sep2018

How to Make Gaming Life Easier

by James Smith


If you are a hard-core gamer, there can be a few frustrations that pop up every now and then. It could be the issue of not feeling comfortable when in an all-night gaming session, having a broken controller, or a tech issue with a keyboard. We’ve put a list of tips and tricks together that could make your gaming life much easier.

Organise your Cable Storage

A good idea could be to store cables in empty toilet rolls. To be fair, it might seem like a simple solution – but it can make it easier to set up all your consoles and computers. It is similar to using plastic ties to organise your cables, but toilet paper rolls can look much tidier! You can clear a drawer for them, or else you can maybe use an empty shoe box or storage box – and then everything is neat and tidy. You are also being environmentally friendly by cutting down on waste.

Get a Mouse Bungee

When you are playing a game, or even just looking online – you can get your mouse cable caught on the desk at times that can be frustrating. It slows you down and can just be a bit annoying in general. Mouse bungees will hold the cable from your mouse from above which means that there won’t be the normal tug or push and pull that you get when it’s moving around on a mousepad.

Get a Great Gaming Chair

Posture is important in gaming if you play long sessions. If you have a comfortable gaming chair, it can make the experience all the more enjoyable for you and improve your posture. The last thing you want is to have backache when gaming. You can actually inflict gaming relating injuries and the likes of computer fatigue. For some great gaming chair options, check this page.

My friend Adam from healthyhandyman also showed me one that he had built for his son. That could also be an option for you if you’re crafty and on a budget.

Coil your Cables Correctly

Do you know how to coil your cables correctly? Unfortunately, when it comes to consoles and computers – cables can become faulty as time goes on. Replacing cables can be time consuming and costly when it racks up. You can prevent this by implementing the correct coiling technique.

Be Patient with your Gaming and Save Cash

Gaming can cost a fair bit of money when it comes to consoles, games, equipment etc – so it’s a good idea to follow some tips to save some cash so you can afford the equipment you need to enjoy your gaming experience more. Make sure that you don’t pre-order games. They always come with a heftier price tag, and it rarely is worth it. If you hold off, this can save you a bit of money. It’s also important that you don’t impulse buy on sales etc and spend wisely.|

Hopefully with these tips you should be able to enjoy a more comfortable gaming experience!

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