16th Sep2018

‘Ring of Honor’ Wrestling Review (Sept 9th 2018)

by Nathan Favel


Welcome to this week’s (very late) Ring of Honor review, right here on Nerdly. We’re going to use a very recent review of this card from WrestlingInc and the author of the review, Anders Engstrom, to complete this review in the same style as the others I write for this site. Please feel free to visit www.wrestlinginc.com to read more from the author and the site, run by Raj Giri. I’m Nathan Favel and let’s do this.

Match #1: Frankie Kazarian beat Mark Briscoe

The following is courtesy of WrestlingInc.com and Anders Engstrom:

Kazarian and Mark exchange strikes. Mark slams Kazarian’s head off the top turnbuckle. Mark hits a scoop slam on Kazarian. Mark eventually hits a Back Suplex on Kazarian. Mark goes to the top rope. Mark goes for his Froggy-Bow finisher, Kazarian moves out of the way. Kazarian rolls Mark up for the win.

My Take: I didn’t like that this match was shown “in progress”, but at least what was here was good.

Match #2: Jay Lethal beat Jonathan Gresham – 30 Minute Iron-Man Match For The Ring Of Honor World Title

The following is courtesy of WrestlingInc.com and Anders Engstrom:

They lock up. After several wrist-locks and waist-locks exchanged, Lethal locks in a headlock on Gresham. Gresham cartwheels out of it. Lethal eventually hits a superkick on Gresham. Lethal goes for the Lethal Injection, Gresham kicks Lethal. Gresham locks in an Octopuss Submission on Lethal. Lethal taps out to give Gresham the first fall. Lethal reverses a roll-up attempt by Gresham into a Figure Four. Gresham taps to give Lethal a fall. They exchange several pin attempts before the bell rings as the time expires.

The match is initially declared a draw. Gresham grabs a microphone. Gresham says that there is no way he is letting Lethal leave with that king of decision. Gresham wants five more minutes. Lethal says to start the clock. Te referee allows the match to continue in sudden death overtime. They exchange strikes. Gresham eventually locks in a choke on Lethal. Lethal reverses it into a Cutter on Gresham. Lethal hits his Lethal Injection finisher on Gresham. Lethal pins Gresham for the win.

My Take: It’s still pretty dangerous to have Lethal as champion considering the allegations against him but the match was great, regardless. Gresham was like a new Bryan Danielson in so many parts of this match that it makes you want to scream “Yes”! This was one of the best matches of the week.

Final Verdict: 4.5 out of 5 – A great match dominating this card made this episode fantastic. The cut-off opener took this down a few points, but who cares?


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