12th Sep2018

WWE Raw – Sept 10th 2018: Results & Review

by Phil Wheat


Welcome to this week’s Monday Night RAW review, right here on Nerdly. In Nathan’s absence I’ll be bringing you a review of this weeks episode, which comes complete with commentary from Renee Young… Just like last time I reviewed Raw, only this time Renne Young is now a REGULAR on commentary!

Match #1: Nicki Bella def. Ruby Riott

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Following a petty act of locker-room vandalism, Nikki Bella knocked off Ruby Riott in a singles victory that built nicely upon The Bella Twins’ win over Ruby’s two henchwomen, Liv Morgan & Sarah Logan. That Nikki used her powerhouse style to get past Ruby’s wild brawling would be impressive enough, but given that The Riott Squad was lurking at ringside, the former Divas Champion kept having to turn her attention to her would-be interlopers. A haymaker made quick work of Logan on the apron, but Morgan took a little help to get rid of: After Nikki thwarted the Riott Kick and got Ruby in position for the Rack Attack 2.0, Liv rushed the ring, but Brie Bella pulled her out of the squared circle and clocked her with a right hand to clear the way for Nikki’s fornidable signature move. So Nikki gets the win, and Brie turns away one devious blonde en route to a confrontation with another. Yep. The Bellas are back.

My Take: OK, the Bellas are back and so the rest of the women on the roster are getting buried. Great. Way to put back the months and months of progress that has been made in the Bellas absence.

Match #2: AOP def. Ronnie Ace & Nathan Bradley

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The resurrection of AOP continues, with Drake Maverick once again shepherding Akam & Rezar through a one-sided demolition of local talent. There’s certainly something to be said for seizing opportunities where they come, but the intrepid duo of Ronnie Ace & Nathan Bradley might have been better off leaving this one alone: Rezar brutalized Ace to such a degree that Bradley tried to take a walk, only to wander into a clothesline from Akam on the outside. After that, it was a short walk to the Super Collider and another victory in AOP’s book.

My Take: Oooh, AOP defeat even more jobbers. Who cares?! AOP have been completely wasted since moving up onto the main roster and even with new manager I don’t see that changing anytime soon. Especially since WWE buried SAnitY in a recent house show too, having them lose to R-Truth and Tye Dillinger. If I was a tag team on Raw I’d be asking for a transfer to Smackdown Live ASAP.

Match #3: Raw Tag Team Champions Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre def. The B-Team

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With their win over The B-Team, Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre cleared the decks of competition and cemented themselves as the kings of Raw’s Tag Team division, but they might find that it’s harder to hold the throne down than it was to take it. Even though the champs held off an effort by The B-Team that was so gritty and inspired that they had to resort to chicanery — McIntyre dispatched Curtis Axel with a Glasgow Kiss, and Ziggler raked Bo Dallas’ eyes — to set up the Claymore-Zig Zag combo, they didn’t get to enjoy the fruits of their labor: Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins jumped the titleholders from behind immediately after the match and sent them scurrying.

My Take: Meh. About all this match is worth TBH.

Match #4: Kevin Owens def. Tyler Breeze – well not so much defeated as beat-up before the bell

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Kevin Owens seemed pretty dead set on quitting a couple weeks ago, so what brought him back? The short answer is that Acting General Manager Baron Corbin made him an offer he couldn’t refuse: That Owens could do whatever he wanted to anyone he wanted without fear of reprisal. In other words, the devastation KO inflicted upon Tyler Breeze in lieu of their planned match was essentially business as usual — as was his role in the attack of The Shield and especially his bushwhacking of Bobby Lashley last week, the last of which Owens elaborated on after dismantling Prince Pretty.

My Take: Not so much a match, more a precursor to yet another promo. Owens beat down Breeze before the bell even rang, laying him out before picking up the mic and cutting a promo about how he hates Bobby Lashley and how he’s become another lacky for Corbin, aka Stephanie’s lacky – so essentially he’s working for the authority again right? What goes around comes around. Another waste of Owens.

Match #5: Bobby Roode & Chad Gable def. The Ascension

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Last week, Chad Gable bailed Bobby Roode out of a tight spot in their first match as a tag team against The Ascension. This week, The Glorious One repaid the favor, throwing his new partner a lifeline in a rematch against Konnor & Viktor that was a mirror image of the contest the previous week. Once again, the former NXT Tag Team Champions focused the entirety of their offense on one opponent — Gable, this time — hoping to keep the other from ever getting into the ring. Once again, a crucial tag — from Roode, this time — turned the tide. And, once again, Gable provided the final exclamation point, tagging in on an unsuspecting Roode to execute the rolling German Suplex for the win.

My Take: I’ll just reiterate what Nathan said last week – who has Bobby Roode pissed off to get dumped into matches like this? Roode doesn’t even get the pin in this match, with Chad Gable tagging himself in an taking credit for the win. I just hope to god this is leading somewhere – like maybe someone calling out Roode for being in a crappy tag team and putting the fire in his belly that he needs to get back into title contention.

Match #6: Ronda Rousey & Natalya def. Alexa Bliss & Mickie James

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A last-minute switcheroo was no trouble for Ronda Rousey & Natalya, who prevailed against Alexa Bliss & Mickie James on Raw despite The Goddess’ last-ditch attempt to throw her opponents off with a sub (her original scheduled partner was Alicia Fox until less than an hour before Raw began). But despite the victory, the effects of the match might leave Rousey at a surprising disadvantage going into her Raw Women’s Title defense against Bliss at WWE Hell in a Cell. Team Alexa’s strategy, unsurprisingly, revolved around keeping Rousey out of the ring at all costs. Team Ronda’s strategy, unsurprisingly, revolved around getting Rousey into the ring with the woman she savaged at SummerSlam. Thanks to some tag team chemistry (they broke out the Hart Attack in tribute to Natalya’s late father, Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart) and some grit from Natalya, they got Alexa where they wanted her, but The Goddess proved a greater threat to Rousey than anticipated. Playing off Ronda’s single-minded aggression, Alexa lured the champion outside the ring and went to work on her already-tenderized ribs, throwing Rousey torso-first into the barricade and apron. Rousey fought through the pain to submit Mickie with the Armbar, but she tellingly had to fight through a lot of pain to do it. And given that Alexa landed one more cheap shot that brought the champion to her knees, it’s clear she’s banking on a less-than-100 percent Rousey this Sunday. She just might get it.

My Take: What a shocker. This women’s match is the highlight of the night – not only featuring some great action but also keeping this long-running feud going without seeming stale. Rousey was booked to look like a badass as usual but props to Mickie James, who came out the match looking like the legend she honestly is – and she pulled off some nice heel work to make sure the audience was rooting for Natalya and Ronda; as did Alexa Bliss, rubbing an arm bar on Natalya in Ronda’s face in a stand out spot.

Match #7: Finn Balor def. Elias

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Mick Foley may well be right, and Elias may well be a future Universal Champion. But The Living Truth nevertheless fell to Finn Bálor in an impromptu match organized at the last second by The Hardcore Legend. To his credit, Elias was more than up to the task of hanging with The Extraordinary Man; despite the lack of preparation, there was enough history between the two Superstars to allow The Living Truth to put together a game plan on the fly. He even managed to avoid the Coup de Grâce and cue up the first-ever Universal Champion for Drift Away, but Finn used the oldest trick in the book to get the win over Elias: A small package reversal. Just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it’s not (too) sweet.

My Take: You know how excited everyone was for this match? So excited that Balor had to actually signal the audience to make some noise as the match kicked off. Not a bad match but not the main event that it should have been. Of course this being Raw, the main event was actually ANOTHER promo. So there’s that.

News of the Night:

  1. Renne Young is now a regular on commentary
  2. Constable Baron Corbin blackmailed The Shield to NOT fight Strowman, Ziggler & McIntyre
  3. Triple H basically called The Undertaker a washed up old man in a promo for their match in Australia
  4. Ziggler & McIntyre will defend their titles against Ambrose & Rollins at Hell in a Cell
  5. Kevin Owens revealed he’s returned to Raw because Corbin has given him carte blanche to run riot on the roster without reprisal
  6. Mick Foley returned to WWE TV announcing himself as the guest ref for Reigns vs. Strowman at Hell in a Cell
  7. Roman Reigns put Braun Strowman throught the stage (the stage!) to close the show.

Final Verdict: Wow a whole 6 matches (you can’t count the KO/Tyler Breeze match as a match at all) on Raw this week, what did we do to deserve that? It’s almost as if the production team thought it was about time we had more matches than promos this week. But only just… Surprisingly this didnt seem to move any of the Hell in a Cell stories forward OR create any real buzz for the PPV (besides reminicising about Mick Foley’s infamous HIAC match against ‘Taker) that takes place this coming weekend – it seems the WWE are too focused on the Australian Super Show-Down event next month to care about this weekends pay per view.


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