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‘MLW: Fusion’ Wrestling Review (Sept 7th 2018)

by Nathan Favel


Welcome to this week’s Major League Wrestling: Fusion review, right here on Nerdly. I’m Nathan Favel and we have lots of great action to get to… starring Johnny Carson!

Match #1: Fred Yehi (with Team Filthy) defeated Richard Holliday

The following is courtesy of MLW.com:

Christmas certainly didn’t come early for the debuting Richard Holliday. It’s no gift when your first Major League Wrestling matchup is against Team Filthy’s Fred Yehi. Holliday calls himself “Most Marketable” but his stock was down a bit after this matchup. Yehi, with his thousands of counters and incredible grappling skills, was in control early in the contest. Holliday found some brief offense and was able to get some ground-and-pound strikes in. But Yehi quickly countered. Eventually Yehi caught Holliday with a head scissors and some piston-like back-first strikes forced Holliday to tap out.

My Take: This was a fine match that had some nice holds and locks to hold the action together. Yehi is one of the better talents around and can do a lot in MLW, if he is allowed to flourish.

Match #2: PCO defeated Homicide

The following is courtesy of MLW.com

The “French Canadian Frankenstein” PCO made his singles debut on MLW: FUSION and picked up a victory over an MLW Original, “The Notorious 187” Homicide. This match was a battle of attrition as both men unloaded everything they had on the other. What started as a slugfest, evolved into a battle of power, impact and high-risk moves. PCO picked up Homicide by the throat and tossed him head first into the turnbuckles. Homicide returned the favor with an exploder suplex into the corner. Homicide had momentum on his side after hitting a flipping senton bomb off the apron to the floor. But PCO unleashed a huge flurry of high-risk maneuvers. The three-decades-long veteran put a suicide dive, a moonsault and a frog splash together in a combination. While that wasn’t enough to put Homicide away, it weakened the Notorious 187. Finally, PCO caught his opponent with a massive elbow strike to pick up the pinfall victory.

My Take: This was an excellent match that served as a reminder that wrestling isn’t a young man’s game, but a smart athlete’s profession. PCO is absolutely fantastic for any age and he has pulled off a miracle without being on national television, which is that he is relevant. Homicide is an athlete that can relate to what PCO has done, having been forced to keep himself popular after being ignored by the major wrestling leagues for several years after a strong run on Spike TV/The Paramount Network for TNA/Impact Wrestling. These two guys worked a match with a bit of every-thing, which kept this match from becoming a one-trick pony. This match was a real thrill.

Match #3: Main Event – The Lucha Bros. defeated Drago & Rey Horus – Major League Wrestling World Tag Team Titles Match

The following is courtesy of MLW.com:

Four of the best luchadores in the world squared off for the World Tag Team Championship, as the Lucha Bros. – Rey Fenix and Pentagon Jr. – successfully defended their titles once again, topping Drago and Rey Horus While there was a close call or two for the Lucha Bros., their signature double-stomp package piledriver maneuver made the difference. Late in the match, Pentagon Jr. had Drago set up for the package piledriver and Fenix nailed the stomp. But Drago was able to kick out. Undeterred, Fenix and Pentagon quickly found themselves able to secure Horus in the same maneuver, this time picking up the pinfall victory.

As mentioned, there were some tense moments for the champions. Horus hit a Standing C4 on Pentagon and might have had enough on it for the three-count. But Fenix quickly scaled the ropes and hit a precision dropkick right on the side of the head to break up the pinning predicament. DDT maneuvers played heavily into the strategy for Horus and Drago, as they each scored big, but could not quite put either of the Lucha Bros. away. The edge in this match swung back toward the champions shortly after Pentagon Jr. was able to hit a Penta Driver on Horus.

My Take: This was a wild main event that was practically a highlight reel for why watching lucha libre should be on your to-do list. These guys flew around the ring like they were trying to escape hot lava. Hell, I expected Superman to fly by at one point, run into these guys mid-flight and get pissed that they’re screwing up his trip back to the Fortress of Solitude (Lois Lane is much hornier when she’s getting nailed at that over-grown hunk of ice and Superman can spank his own ass as hard as he wants to in there, so there you go). Pentagon and Fenix are possibly to of the most important wrestlers of the year, with Pentagon as possibly the biggest star of the year. Do what you can to see this frenetic, manic and absolutely explosive match.

News Of The Night:

  1. The Hart Foundation pledged to conquer MLW.
  2. Jason Cade proclaimed himself to be the next great Middleweight.
  3. Kevin Sullivan is doing an injury angle by way of concussion from the attack last week.

Final Verdict: 3.5 out of 5 – This was an excellent card that was tightly constructed and built quite well to the War Games card for next week.


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