04th Sep2018

EXCLUSIVE clip from Pascal Laugier’s ‘Incident in a Ghostland’

by Phil Wheat

From the director of 2008’s horror ordeal, Martyrs, Incident in a Ghostland is a terrifying thrill ride that’s as intense as it is disturbing. Having screened at 2018’s Arrow Video FrightFest to positive reviews ahead of its UK Blu-ray & DVD debut, Pascal Laugier’s latest will have you hiding behind your hands and squirming in your seat. It would spoil things to give too much away about the plot as it’s a film best watched when you’re unprepared for it but the lead cast give powerhouse performances, really selling the characters. Combine this with Laugier’s unique, visceral visual style and you genuinely believe these characters are trapped in an inescapable nightmare.

Pauline (French pop icon Mylène Farmer) and her two daughters Beth and Vera inherit a house in the countryside. On the first night in their new home the family are confronted by murderous intruders and Pauline fights for her daughters lives. Sixteen years later, Beth has become a successful fantasy author in the H.P. Lovecraft tradition, and with trepidation finally returns to the same house… only to find she will never forget the trauma.

To celebrate the release of Incident in a Ghostland, out on Blu-ray & DVD now from Arrow Video – we have an exclusive clip from the film. Check it out below:



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