29th May2018

Why Slot Machines Are So Addictive?

by James Smith


The modern gambling market is full of different options: whether you are a land-based style devotee or an advanced online user, there’s always something attractive offered around. Among the whole diversity, slots are by far regarded as the most popular casino entertainment for one simple, yet solid reason – none of gamblers is required to possess specific knowledge or prior information about the way slot games should be played through. They are easy to tame, fun to watch, promising in money potential, good-looking, overwhelmingly accessible… so many positive moments could be gathered in a pot called “slot-machine merits”. Moreover, technological progress already allows to get access to these casino games via mobile platforms, so it all looks like a huge trap slowly surrounding those who are prone to addiction.

Nevertheless, a big question is coming: what makes risky machines so extremely obsessive? Why do tons of betters crave to “get high” by staking? Or is it another anti-casino campaign aiming at gambling demolition, so that to put off casino dwellers in order to hook people to something else? Here’s an interesting piece of statistics – slot devices generate almost three-quarters of resulting gambling revenue, that’s why software developers keep it active and attractive, while gamblers, surprisingly, are ready to willingly give in their credit cards and head into parlaying hard. Hence getting lost in the maze of thrilling gambling must have a justification for its mind-boggling popularity.

First off: availability that cannot be outrun

Thanks to modern technology, whatever platform coming to your mind is 100% available to be used which might be a complete disaster for an addictive gamer when they are trying to escape ‘slot mania’. Your computer is suddenly out of work? Never mind, utilise a mobile phone. The latter isn’t a solution, too? Grab a tablet, a TV set if it has an embedded operating system, a laptop. Everything having a decent Net connection could be applied as a resolving power. What’s more, getting blocked on one particular web-site or a permanent ban at a real-life venue wouldn’t become a big-time problem likewise – there are always alternatives. Speaking of online casinos, thousands of places like Sloty Casino or any other gambling sites are happy to see you in the role of a new customer. Venues even compete in bonusing, gaming assortment, convenient conditions, variety of banking methods for you to choose exactly them from the whole gambling collection. There’s no shortage of solutions. And it doesn’t solve addiction issue at all.

Bet small, win huge

Have you ever seen how large progressive jackpot sums really are? They are multi-million digits capturing players with an idea of hitting a button and getting a king’s ransom for this. A significant factor about slot machine payouts is that you don’t have to invest enormous funds to become excessively rich – the history knows about players betting a tenner and receiving a jillion. To understand this concept, imagine yourself facing the following choice: you walk down some street and then see a wallet crammed with green papers, so that this sum would definitely change your life forever. Would you rather walk past the opportunity or seize it and go on with actualising real dreams? Human psychology revolves around being greedy, and slot machines are a pretty legal and handsome method to make an unbelievable fortune without depositing much.

Mathematics works for money

An experiment designed by a prominent American psychologist B. F. Skinner has revealed that living creatures prefer more to continuously get rewarded with some valuable prize for an action in an enclosed space rather than sit still and wait for a miracle. Amazingly enough that the same approach is applied by slot developers when they devise randomiser mechanics: there will invariably be a right proportion between losing and winning. One the one hand, gamblers aren’t bored by constant bonusing and prizing. On the other one, neither are they frustrated by persistent losses. Compare that to Skinner pigeon which loses interest in constant pulling the lever when prizes fall down every single time (or extremely rarely) as soon as the bar is pulled. Video slot-games place gamblers on a waiting mode so that they could be emotionally involved in the ongoing process. Thus, a proper slotting session may last for long hours until an external factor distracts a player from gaming.

Flee routine, forget about your life dilemmas

Why do we have hobbies, drink alcohol from time to time, hang out with mates? The answer is as plain as a baby toy: everyone needs to turn off real-life radio channel and get into slightly illusive patterns. “Work-home-work” chain of events ought to fed up even most stable personalities. Add here money issues and there we go: slots not only look like a genuine video game interesting in both plot and delivery but also have money capacity to be blown on gamblers in the blink of an eye. No tricks, just you, your device and flows of money, so no more problems exist anymore.

How to release yourself

Despite the obvious fact that gambling industry abuses human frailty and make people get easily hooked, it doesn’t necessarily mean slot machines are devilish apples of distortion created solely to summon players’ pockets. Of course, succumbing to gaming excitement is a certain risk, going along with slot gaming, yet it’s all about you and your mind. Don’t let machines influence your behaviour through technology tricks. Concluding, there are a couple of advice you might find useful not to walk into a luring trap of the slots world:

  • Use a timer – short gaming period, interval, repeat. It could be incredibly handful to evaluate the current situation regarding money and your mood about the process.
  • Ask a friend to ‘monitor’ – having someone backing you up is a great solution in case timers don’t work on you because friends will surely make out how to get your out of the game.
  • And, yes, find another pastime hobby if you’ve proved yourself to be inconsistent around slots.


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