29th May2018

‘iZombie 4×12’ Review

by Xenia Grounds

Stars: Rose McIver, Malcolm Goodwin, Rahul Kohli, Robert Buckley, David Anders | Created by Diane Ruggiero, Rob Thomas


To cut straight to the chase, the penultimate episode of iZombie Season 4 is incredibly well done. Last week started to pick up the pace on storylines and this episode continues that trend so it looks like Monday’s finale is set to be a dramatic and action-filled one.

If there’s a theme of the episode, it’s the lengths that people go to for the people they love. Major is the first example of this as he kidnaps Liv and takes her out of New Seattle so she doesn’t turn herself in to Fillmore Graves to save a human smuggler (Curtis). The little twist to this is that they both eat the brains of an old married couple who absolutely adored each other and there are many lines and moments that feel like they came out of the 1950s. It’s an interesting thing to see as Liv and Major have been through a lot (from fiancées to frenemies in the show’s history) so there’s a mixture of fantasy and nostalgia in their interactions but by the end, Liv still knows the reality which is shown when she locks Major in the basement and goes back to New Seattle.

Next is Levon who claims to be Renegade so Curtis can reunite with his heavily pregnant fiancée. He also does this to save Liv but when Liv returns and reveals the truth, he ends up trying to take Chase hostage. That doesn’t work and Chase chooses to execute both him and Liv. I’m not sure if Liv and Levon’s relationship will continue past this season. The writers of  iZombie have a history of killing off Liv’s romantic interests in effectively devastating ways but if it was to happen, Levon’s death wouldn’t be as impactful since the relationship between him and Liv has been written like an after-thought so it’s hard to be invested.

Finally, there’s Dale who was selfless in letting Clive go but Clive finds out the real reason why Dale ended the relationship and chooses to propose to her. It’s a very sweet moment that almost makes up for a lot of the low points that this arc has had.

On a more humorous note is the murder of the week. Since Liv is out of Seattle for a majority of the episode, Ravi’s turn to the brain means he ends up eating the brain of a wannabe Kardashian and socialite. It’s hilarious to say the least and it seems like Rahul Kohil was having a lot of fun being that type of character. This also ties into the storyline with Brother Love as this girl was murdered by one of his flock but while Clive tries to arrest him, he is let go when Tucker takes the fall although Tucker is spared as well by Fillmore Graves soldier, Enzo and says that Brother Love has a friend there.

The last storyline to talk about is Blaine who tries to convince his father to send his flock out to convert humans outside of New Seattle into zombies and feed on the other half. Brother Love insists on a sign from God before agreeing which he gets…because Blaine gets Don E to use a machine to make it snow brains which convinces Angus (Brother Love) to agree to Blaine’s ploy.

Finally, Ravi discovers something very important as he realises that Isobel’s brain wasn’t a vaccination to the virus after all but a cure for it. With Brother Love’s flock about to go on the offensive and the cure being found, the stage is set for the final season of iZombie but let’s hope the season 4 finale is a good indication of what’s to come.

The season finale of iZombie airs tonight, May 28th.


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