22nd May2018

Romford Film Festival to debut experimental horror ‘Kamatayan’

by Phil Wheat


High School junior Lilith Singson, 17, will premiere her directorial debut, the experimental horror Kamatayan (directed at age 16), in London this month at the Romford Film Festival, which takes place May 24th-28th. Singson will be the world’s youngest transgender filmmaker as well as youngest Native American filmmaker to secure a distribution deal. The film is already set to be released in the anthology 60 Seconds to Die 3 (the first was released by Cinedigm (http://www.cinedigm.com/). Indie filmmaker Shane Ryan (My Name is ‘A’ by anonymous, Amateur Porn Star Killer trilogy, The Owl in Echo Park) produced and shot the film, while Singson wrote, directed, composed and starred in Kamatayan.

Singson is also a key player in Ryan’s Ted Bundy Had a Son, which has broken a record of its own, including more directors than any single film in history (more than 125 filmmakers). Singson is assisting Ryan in post-production of the contributions by all of the other filmmakers, as well as starring in the lead role in the main portion of the film directed by Ryan. Singson has also been working on the dramatic coming-of-age films This Girl, This Boy and God Got Ill in which case she’s playing versions of herself, and detailing her experiences growing up transgender and gender-fluid, plus recently starred in the arthouse horror film Red Oedipal. Singson and Ryan are also in development of Half-Breed, a coming-of-age transgender psychological horror film.

For tickets and info on the upcoming festival and screening of Kamatayan visit https://romford.premierecinemas.co.uk/PremiereCinemaRomford.dll/WhatsOn?Film=4519424


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