21st May2018

‘Legion 2×07’ Review

by Paul Metcalf


It is fair to say that Legion is a dark show, dealing with a character that isn’t the most stable of individuals. Now we’ve moved into the second half of season two though, things are taking an even darker turn. We also find out just what that creepy little creature represents that has been crawling around Division 3, and it isn’t good.

Still dealing with what happened to Amy (Katie Aselton), his sister, David (Dan Stevens) looks to confront Amahl Farouk (Navid Negahban). Fear also takes hold in Division 3 leading to disaster taking over.

One thing I will say about Chapter 15 of Legion is that this is the episode where the season is starting to feel a little strung out. I will say that the end of the episode did remedy this feeling of course, but we know what needs to be done, so really it is time to start moving towards this seasons conclusion.

With this in mind, I will say that Chapter 15 does a good job of setting up the war between David and Farouk, though we don’t see much progress. We do find out something that many will have guessed though, and it is interesting that to find this out, we join Farouk for a trip to see future Syd (Rachel Keller) to do it. I won’t spoil what is revealed, but it does set up a further complication for David, and also a worrying trend for his character.

The problem with David is that he is very powerful, and he doesn’t realise the full potential of this power. When he becomes mentally unstable, these powers tend to act out, and cause chaos to those around him. When he is mad, they also tend to give him the ability to do things that can be seen as monstrous, and we do get to see that in this episode. The fact that the powers are similar to Farouk’s shows that David is a danger not only to himself, but the world around him.

One thing that Legion does well is to create confusion for the audience. For the most part, this is to provide answers at the end of the episode to make it feel like we’ve learnt something. What is also interesting is how some of the secrets have been slowed as to not reveal everything. This includes the strange creature that has stalked the halls of Division 3, and of course Admiral Fukyama (Marc Oka).

While we learn more of Fukyama do appear like they will be kept for now. We do find out his purpose though and just how he appears to be able to know everything that goes on, and what his purpose is.

Perhaps the most moving scenes of this week though were that featuring future Syd. Watching from the distance of the future, there is a melancholic beauty to the way it is shot. She knows what has taken place, and the price people have paid, and she knows why Farouk must get his body back. While we’ve been clued in to why this may be, when it comes to the future there are no concrete truths, as it is constantly changing based on the now.

After the events of the last few episodes, this episode seemed to move at a slower pace. When Legion really needs to be speeding up the story, this may have been the episode to set up the way to close it. Now to see how the season will close out, though it won’t be coming too fast as there are still four more episodes to go.

**** 4.5/5

Legion airs on Fox TV in the UK on Tuesdays.

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