18th May2018

Comics and Games are influencing our next Blockbusters!

by James Smith


For many years now we have been seeing blockbuster after blockbuster hit the big screen and but where did they get the idea, storyline and plot from? Hollywood and big picture studios still are coming up with the next big film from stuff in our past. Making something new out of old has been around since the beginning of time, obviously in different forms.

When it comes to the biggest movies that break box office records, many are based on our all-time favourites. These all influenced from games we used to play, comics we used to read, cartoons we used to watch as a nipper. This is probably why these types of movies are still popular with us because we can relate to them.

Such sources like Marvel Comics are all slowly being turned into films, and these are all connected into a series of movies so it compels us to wait for the next edition. These are great because many of us remember the original characters and plots from back in the day. Not only Marvel but also DC Comics movies are on the rise and bringing with them new versions of our favourite characters.

Movies based on comics are one area where we get blockbuster epics, but these films can also come from games from our childhood. Including video games we used to play in the arcade, because games consoles were still being invented, or maybe too expensive for everyone to buy! Although being in the arcade playing these at the time, the “all-the-rage” fantastic games with the latest graphics were easily the highlight of our play time.

Several movies have come from games like Pac Man and other popular games of the time like in the hit movie Pixels, also other big arcade hits came together in the animated movie Wreck-It Ralph, which was another hit. These types of movies appeal to not only the young but also older audiences making them an instant hit, and is why we keep seeing more and more of these types of movies being made.

We are bound to see a whole host of our popular childhood characters and heroes from TV, comics and games be given a new lease of life in the form of a Hollywood blockbuster. Not only are we seeing a rise in more movies being made but also seeing these made into popular casino games. You now can enjoy playing games with your favourite Superhero or Villain, like playing King Kong was he the Villain or a Hero?


So, influences from our childhood are appearing everywhere in many forms to still keep us entertained even years later. These memories are not forgotten, all being brought back to life through the magic of the big screen. This is big business, and no wonder as we as the public lap it up, hence the supply and demand scenario. We want more so keep ‘em coming, we love it!

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