14th May2018

4 Features fans are looking forward to in FIFA World Cup 2018 game

by James Smith


2018 being a World Cup year is expected to be very exciting for the football fans everywhere! The tournament is scheduled for a mid-June start in Russia, where 32 qualified teams will gather and compete with each other for the biggest prize of the game.

The event would also attract a record betting activity from all parts of the world. If you’re someone who has been contemplating betting on football matches, FIFA World Cup is the best time to get started. You can avail World Cup free bets from reputed bookmakers and start placing punts in a risk-free manner.

The gaming enthusiasts among you must be aware that EA sports has rights to develop any video game related content for the tournament. Although they are yet to make an announcement of a spin-off FIFA World Cup game, the history shows that they’d do very soon. In fact, EA Sports’ FIFA is one of the best-selling sports games in the world.

Games specifically developed for FIFA World Cup are quite different compared to the regular FIFA releases, and have many unique features. Keeping all the expectations in mind, we’ve come up with four features that fans are looking forward to in the FIFA World Cup 2018 game.

The story of Qualifying

Introduced for the first time in FIFA World Cup 2010 game, this feature was about tasking players with different scenario-based challenges. These challenges were related to the matches from the qualifying round, requiring players to accomplish tasks like ‘get no yellow cards,’ ‘win the match for the team’ etc. fitted to every mini story.

Considering the disappointing exit of Italy from the tournament, Panama’s amazing win over Costa Rica and the last moment qualification for Argentina, fans would love to see this feature return in the 2018 edition.

Genuine Presentation

EA sports has always been on the forefront when it comes to pushing the boundaries of immersive experience in video games. Everyone remembers the vuvuzela-laden catchy tones of World Cup 2010. There is even more emphasis on the creation of immersive atmospheres in FIFA 2018, promising an entirely new World Cup experience with tools that help in building the most authentic recreation of the tournament environment, right from presentation packages to crowds to stadiums and everything else.


Classic Challenges

Anyone who’s been following FIFA World Cup tournament as well as the FIFA game for many decades would remember the 2006 version that featured a Global Challenge Mode, or even the Classics mode of the 98 version. Such features enable players to recreate the most memorable FIFA World Cup moments, for instance England’s victory in 1966 and even the very first final of the World Cup. You get a wide variety of choices. Do you know not everyone remembers the 1966 World Cup like England?

Online Edition

The last two EA Sports FIFA World Cup games had the online World Cup feature wherein players were tasked to pick up any team and take it to the World Cup final, and compete with other players in an online competition.

The authenticity of this feature has always been impressive, with proper group stages, followed by knockout rounds and highly immersive presentation environments. Furthermore, who minds attempting a World Cup win with the American Samoa?!

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