11th May2018

Preview: ‘The Complete History of the Howling’ Book

by Philip Rogers


The Howling series has continued to prove popular amongst the horror fans and has spawned seven sequels following the ground-breaking original in 1981. A new book written by Bryn Curt James Hammond, called The Complete History of the Howling, gives a detailed behind the scenes account regarding all eight films and the original book series which inspired them. The book includes new interviews with surviving cast members, never before seen photos and a new unofficial story arc by Nick Stead (Hybrid). Released by Miami Fox Publishing, this is the definitive guide to the most popular werewolf franchise of all time.

I often find the history behind the making of a film can be just as interesting as the film itself and when it comes to some of the sequel in the howling series, possibly even more so. I was intrigued when I heard about the upcoming book The Complete History of the Howling and after speaking with the books author Bryn Curt James Hammond and Nick Stead who wrote a story arc in the book, I knew this was be something I look forward to reading.

I was recently offered a chance to get sneak preview at a few pages of the book and it doesn’t disappoint. You can see that a lot of time has put a lot of time into the research as it gives an extremely detailed recollection of events during the making of the film and following its release; often speaking first hand to many of the surviving members involved.  With several interviews included in the book I am looking forward to reading an exclusive with actress Dee Wallace. My preview did not include any of the interviews, however it did include a brilliantly amusing anecdote from communication with actress Imogen Annesley. Best known for her lead role in Howling III: The Marsupials (1987) it seems that she was not so forthcoming in contributing to the book.

With detailed coverage of each of the films the book does include a lot of information, but the book does not feel weighted down by facts and figures thanks to Bryn’s writing style and sharp sense of humour which gives the book a natural flow.

Visually the book looks impressive with photos from the film and behind the scenes. This will include exclusive never before seen photos which have been purchased exclusively for the book.  One of the pages I was sent included behind the scenes shots of makeup artist Bill Forsche working on the set of Howling IV: The Original Nightmare (1988), which also includes an informative excerpt about how he started his career. It creates a unique perspective behind the making of the film and helps you to appreciate the efforts that go bringing it to the screen.

After reading the few pages I received, I really looking forward to seeing what the full book has to offer. With so many details, such as the exclusive photos, interviews and a new story arc from writer Nick Stead. Whether you are a fan of the series, horror films or what goes on behind the scenes of filmmaking, The Complete History of the Howling is definitely a book which you will want to check out.

Writers Bryn Curt James Hammond and Nick Stead will both be attending the following Horror Con events throughout the UK, where advanced copies of the book will be available with five exclusive photo prints. These photos have never been released, are not included in the book and will only be available exclusively at Horror Con.

  • Edinburgh Horror Con 12th – 13th May
  • London Horror Con June 30th June – 1st July
  • Liverpool Horror Con 29th – 30th September
  • Birmingham Horror Con 27th – 28th October
  • Bristol Horror Con 10th November

The Complete History of the Howling also includes a foreword writer-director Philippe Mora and a new story arc from writer Nick Stead, which follows on at the end of the original film.


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