07th May2018

Which Computer Games Will Help You with History Homework?

by James Smith

Let me guess, you have to study for a history test, but you just can’t squeeze any date, name, or event into that precious head of yours?
So, you’ve decided to surf the net a bit, procrastinate like a total professional, and visit our website because, obviously, it’s the best place where you’ll get support and understanding. For example, right now we won’t blame you for ditching the history test. We’d better present you some options that will make your studying much easier and more interesting.


What has happened to the good old “studying while playing” method that we were lucky enough to work with when we were in elementary school? Who says that it’s not going to work for college students?

Psychologists are sure that games are among the best learning techniques for any age. The aspect of a competition, eagerness to achieve a goal, plus such physiological factor as adrenaline release, and awards which you get at the end stimulate the brain function and helps you absorb new information.
Harvard Medical School, for instance, is a rather active user of computer games as a studying tool. And the professors there have come to a conclusion that it actually works!

Computer games are interactive, well-designed (this develops your creative thinking), and educative. Before we provide you with a list of video games which will help you ace the mid-terms or finals, we have yet another useful advice for you. If you’re spending so much time on studying history, obviously, you can’t focus your energy on other important home assignments. There is no need to make any sacrifices if you can just type in “do my homework” and find the best service which will make your life so much easier.

Total War: Attila

Let’s start from the beginning of the epic storyline of the human history. This computer game takes a plunge into the world of Western Roman Empire. In fact, it will be the dark times of its end. There are plenty interesting games which depict the rise of this ancient culture, but if you really want to find a source of accurate historical information, Total War: Attila will suit you perfectly.

It focuses on the problems which had led to the collapse of the empire. This game has numerous cultural and political aspects. It’s not only about fights on a battlefield that you always see on the screen, it’s about diplomacy and the art of ruling that you’re supposed to master. This bright graphic creation will give you a chance to witness the fall of one of the most powerful and influential states that have ever existed. Due to climate change, migration, and invaders the era of Roman Empire had come to an end, and you can become a part of epic history.

Crusader Kings 2

Are you a big fan of “Game of Thrones”? No matter the answer, you are going to love this game. Very vivid graphics, great images, and the plot which will let you ditch your book on Medieval history. You’ll be surprised how mentality of modern people is different from that people had between the 11th and 15th centuries. The nation was loyal to the state, and this was an inborn feeling. Such peculiarity was playing a huge role in the life of a society of that time, and you’ll see how fascinating people’s relationships were.

How did kings reign? Why did lords fight for new lands? Where did Daenerys get the dragon eggs? Wait, that’s a different story.

The atmosphere of the game is so realistic and vivid that it’s hard not to get lost. You’ll learn the rules of political confrontation and find out more about the feudalism system. Even expert historians admit that “Crusader Kings 2” has a lot of parallels with real history.


We’re getting closer to the 17th century. It’s the time when Europeans decided that their continent wasn’t large enough for them, so they started looking for new lands to conquer. As you must know (no matter how hard you were trying to skip history classes at school), Christopher Columbus made a major discovery by mistake, which turned out to be the beginning of the new historical era. “Banished” will take you on a trip with the first English settlers who came to the New World in order to invade and appropriate it.

What are you supposed to do? You’ll be the head of an expedition, and as any boss you have to take care of your crew. Virginia Colony will become your final destination, but before you get there, you’ll have to go through diseases, harsh winters, and famine.

Victoria 2

Here we are in the 19th century. The Industrial revolution is spreading across Europe, and people need help with all advanced machines. Guess who’s going to provide that help? Yep, that’s you! The level of historical accuracy here is beyond description. Let’s just say that you can ditch the textbook and travel back in time to witness the events which led to industrialization.

It’s not just about a technological aspect of life though. You’ll get a chance to take a closer look at the birth of the socialist and communist political movements. You can even join them. Spoiler alert: it will lead to no good.

Steel Division

It’s impossible to stuff all cool games which cover different historical periods in one article, but we can’t ignore the 20th century and its most heartbreaking and cruelest part, which was World War 2. The game mainly focuses on the Normandy invasion, and it will give you the most detailed and vivid gist of all tragic events which took place in France. Have you watched the Oscar-nominated movie “Dunkirk”? It’s as cool and realistic as the Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece.

So, don’t miss out on a chance to get an A+ for the coming history test.

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