04th May2018

First trailer for Japanese revenge horror ‘The Viper’s Hex’

by Phil Wheat

The Viper’s Hex is the fourth feature film by Black Forest Films, the team behind Chocolate, Strawberry Vanilla, Under A Kaleidoscope, Mondo Yakuza and The Perfect Nonsense. Set in Tokyo, this Japanese horror sets out to explores the psyche of Kiyo, a cursed and lonely hostess who falls pregnant to a foreigner named Anchin; and is loosely based on the 11th century Yokai folklore tale named Kiyohime.

Kiyo, a cursed and lonely hostess is shunned by society. She spends her days propositioning men in the cold heart of Tokyo under the control of a violent pimp named Tetsuya. When she comes across a charismatic foreigner named Anchin, a relationship blossoms… But on New Year’s Eve 2017, both of their lives are turned upside down as she falls pregnant to his child. Upon hearing this news, Anchin abandons Kiyo leaving her heartbroken. Now alone, she turns to a vengeful spirit that has haunted her from birth known only as The Viper.

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