30th Apr2018

What Can Your RPG Custom Character Say about You?

by James Smith


Role Playing Games (RPG) custom characters tend to say a lot about you. These games give you the power to create the fictional character that you have ever imagined. Your preferred character could be a depiction of something deep within you. What could they mean? People generally think that they create their characters based on randomness. Well, this is possible, but there is often an inspiration behind the character you create. The strengths of your preferred characters may be made to suit the requirements of the game. But, what about the looks and other features? There has to be something that defines these choices

This is the same experience you may have while playing your favorite roulette games online. Check live roulette uk for some of the best variants. You have to imagine that you look like your preferred character; winning games and making comments that reflect who you are. Live games should definitely introduce RPG custom characters to make them more exciting.

This is a brief review of what your RPG custom character could say about you. You can later analyze yours and discover the correctness of this analysis.

Recreation of Yourself

There are people who prefer to create their own clones. You basically create a character that has the same physical attributes as you. This includes both the positive and negative traits. If you are short and thick, then the character is just the same. Such people may even avoid creating avatars with superpowers and alien-like abilities. They stick to their own attributes plus special strengths like fighting. The overall attempt is to create a character that is so close to who you are.

This says a lot about you. It shows that you have accepted yourself entirely with your strengths and weaknesses. You believe that you must not be perfect, but you are perfect in your own imperfections. This kind of person could be a strong believer in the adage, ‘you are fearfully and wonderfully made’.

The Death-Defying Superman

There are also players who like to create the death-defying superman. The kind of person who is a daredevil with abilities to get into tricky situations and emerge victoriously. You will find this characters being macho men with great strength and charming abilities. They can win a battle in a violent war and also the battle for the prettiest lady in town.

People who love this kind of characters tend to be daredevils in real life. They believe that they only have one life, and they try to take full advantage of this God-given opportunity. It could also be a sign of great optimism. You believe that you can do all the things that your superman does.

Your Desired Self

There are people who prefer to create their own clones but with special abilities and minus their negative attributes. The short ones will create a tall character. Ladies, on the other side, will prefer a supermodel of themselves. That slim figure with well-defined curves will feature prominently in their avatars despite being the opposite.

This is a possible indication of players who love and appreciate themselves. But, they are obsessed with pleasing others and have been put down severally because of their negative traits. Hence, they try to hide these traits and even lie about them in order to look cool among peers. Many people admire them because of their bravado, but they really do not know their true selves. Hence, they have few or no close friends. This is because they don’t want to let anyone close enough to discover their negative sides. Can I call them dreamers?


This is common among many. There are people who like to create celebrities to the best of their abilities. They create the likes of Obama, Trump, Albert Einstein, Hillary Clinton and many others. Most of them focus on creating the physical attributes accurately, but they differ in the character. You will find them creating a violent Obama or a dumb Albert Einstein. This makes it quite humorous.

This is usually done by people with a great sense of humor. They love joking around and tend to be very imaginative and creative. They could possibly be interested in creative arts or theatre arts. These kinds of people are fun to interact with even in actual life.


This is the last type of character that I will analyze. They are created with weird and extreme features which eventually result in a monstrous custom character. No one else will admire this character apart from the individual who created it. But, why should anyone create such a character?

The people in love with such RPG characters are those that were denied the freedom to make their own decisions. They probably had overprotective parents who couldn’t let them learn from their own mistakes. Hence, they have grown to be very wild. They derive maximum enjoyment from extreme wild decisions that may even be annoying to others.

However, this is a character analysis that may not always be true. You can create an RPG character with nothing in mind. Sometimes, it could be an impulsive moment where you create a character according to your prevailing mood. Hence, you must not believe the above as the Gospel truth. But, it is a common nature of people with such preferences.

You can try these RPG games today and create your own character. These games are quite entertaining to play. Your preferred character could also tell you something about yourself.

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