30th Apr2018

Frightfest and Signature team for rebirth of ‘Frightfest Presents’

by Phil Wheat


In 2015 it was announced that Frightfest were set to bring us, under a “Frightfest Presents” banner, some of the horrific delights of their Glasgow and London festivals on DVD and VOD thanks to a partnership with Icon Film Distribution. And whilst that partnership did garner a number of releases – including the likes of Some Kind of Hate, Emelie, Night of the Living Deb and The Sand – the label went dark soon after, with not only the two-year deal coming to an end, but also likely due to the fact that Frightfest partner Icon had some financial woes in 2017, eventually been sold to Kaleidoscope in March of this year.

Skip forward to today and news reaches us that the Frightfest Presents label is reborn, this time in co-operation with Signature Entertainment – a label who we have supported since the early days of their direct to DVD B-movie start-up, with titles such as SnowBeast, House of Bones, Swamp Shark and more (check out our reviews going back to 2012 right here); and a label who are no stranger to Frightfest, having screened films at the event AND having already released Frightfest movies on home formats as recently as last week’s DVD debut of Glasgow Frightfest flick Pyewacket.

This new partnership between the two companies will see FrightFest endorsed films made available across physical, digital and TV/SVOD platforms in the UK and Ireland, via Signature’s established network of partners, with each release will have the collective backing of Signature and FrightFest. Paul McEvoy, Co-Director of FrightFest commented:

We’re delighted to be joining forces with Signature, who have always passionately supported FrightFest and understood our mission to open up new audiences to horror and fantasy, a genre which already has a clear, devoted and dedicated fan base. With Signature as our new partner, we very much look forward to releasing the cutting edge of next generation genre releases.

Adds Jon Bourdillon, Signature’s COO:

We are truly thrilled to be partnering with FrightFest. The combination of their expert knowledge and contacts in the genre and our outstanding commercial relationships makes this a winning partnership. With horror fans increasingly flocking to the FrightFest brand, together we can make it easier than ever to consume the FrightFest endorsed movies at home.

And whilst there have been no title announcments yet, this new partnership gives me hope we’ll see some of the Frightfest-screened fare that hasn’t made it to the UK yet will finally see the light of day… After all, I’m STILL waiting for a UK release of the awesome Night Fare, which was screened at Frightfest back in 2015!


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