20th Apr2018

Alternative ways of enjoying Superheroes, without re-watching the films… Again

by James Smith

Superheroes are beloved by fans the world over, and their films and tv shows are some of the most watched of all time, but sometimes you need another way to get your fix, and here’s five of them.


1. Read the comics

With all of the original characters and even wilder plot lines that the films have, the comic versions of your favourite superhero stories are something you might have already explored, but if not, we would recommend giving them a go. By reading the original forms of superhero tales, you get more know information and background, and also some easter eggs that you may not have known about.

2. Fanfiction

Try writing your own stories. There are likely thousands of scenarios that you have pictured your favourite superheroes in but have never been given the opportunity to see them play out on-screen. One way to get your fix is to write these stories yourself. There are great sites like fanfiction.net and archiveofourown.org where you can both read and post fanfiction – you can make it as wild and unlikely as possible. No one can tell you no, so can create whatever you want.

3. Play games

There are hundreds of ways that you can play with superhero characters, whether it be online games, board games, or even using action figures to make your own ideas come to life. It’s one of the most versatile ways to enjoy your favourite fantasy and sci-fi worlds, and there’s great variety. In addition to console and PC titles, there are even online gambling sites such as Super Casino that offer various superhero-themed slots, proving that more and more areas of business are getting involved in superhero culture. The selection here includes eight different Batman slots such as Batman & Batgirl Bonanza, as well as others like Superman The Movie. Based on the genre you prefer, you’re more than likely to find all sorts of official superhero video games.

4. Try cosplay

This is one of the most immersive ways of experiencing superhero culture. It essentially lets you become a superhero. Not to mention the fact that you will get to spend time designing and making your own superhero costume, whether it be a cult classic or someone you have personally invented. It gives you an excuse to stare at your favourite heroes, claiming “research” and you will probably learn a thing or two about sewing along the way, honing your creativity. You can also team up with friends and transform into the most bad-ass fighting team that the Earth has yet to see, – let your imagination run wild.

5. Go to an event or a convention.

This is a great way to interact with other fans and to possibly make new friends with the same interests as you whilst getting your super fix. It often involves travelling around the country, so you’ll get to experience different cultures and become more independent too. You don’t have to go to the biggest convention there is, there are loads of brilliant, smaller comic and superhero conventions to satisfy you if you don’t have the money or time to go to a large-scale event. Don your previously-made cosplay outfits and get going…

Source: 2015 Boston Comic Con Floor - Ed Quinn - Flickr.com

Source: 2015 Boston Comic Con Floor – Ed Quinn – Flickr.com

There you have it: Five simple ways to engage with your favourite superheroes. Each one is a vast universe in its own right, with gaming, comics, cosplay and the rest boasting very strong, active communities online.

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