16th Apr2018

Widespread Mistakes when Making a Profile on a Dating Website

by James Smith

A good profile on specialized dating web-platform is certainly an interesting and useful thing, if you are going to take it seriously. But remember that it can work for you, as well as against you. All users make some mistakes, and they can be fixed. So to succeed, do not change yourself – just change the profile. It will be about the strange decisions of men and women when they are completing their personal data.



A good high quality photo is rule number one. As it is rather challenging for any person to assess his or her appearance without fear or favor, there is a high risk to fail in the stage of choosing a featured image for a chat cam roulette or a messenger on the website. Rude mistakes often done are the following:

  • Sharing group photos - in this case other users wonder who is in the picture next to you (your ex, your relative or the best friend) and what is this person’s role for your dating intentions.
  • Selfie - it often looks too homely and always less advantageous than a photo made by a photographer. Moreover, it suggests to think that he or she does not have friends who can take a pic for them.
  • Dark glasses - People wearing dark glasses cause distrust. Do not hide your face – most users do not want to see portraits in sunglasses in the profile.
  • Intimate pics - Do not act according to the principle of “all the best at once”. Erotic photos may raise the rating of your profile. The question is what kind of people will be interested to interact with you.
  • Bad quality - find a picture of a good quality, that will show your face without distortions and in proper light.



  • Indicating weaknesses. Think twice when answering the questionnaire for your profile. Give only winning information. Show your strengths. All people have weaknesses, but few talk about them on the very first date. So be honest, but don’t advertise yourself as a bunch of problems.
  • Revealing personal problems. It is not necessary to tell everyone that you are renting a garage so that not to live at your parent’s house, but buying an own real estate is problematic for you now. It’s one thing to share responsibility with a loved one, and quite another – to load the burden of problems on a stranger.
  • Empty profile. Too little data is a big mistake because it make the others believe that you have nothing to say. You should present yourself, demonstrate the depth of the soul and the strength of the intellect, show what an interesting person you are.
  • Superfluous profile. Give key information. Most people do not read everything but skip to the most intriguing facts. So do not overflood your profile with unnecessary stories.
  • Grammar mistakes. In ordinary life your poor grammar can be hidden, but on the dating websites the appeal is made up of many things, and your text becomes your clothes in some way. Try to clearly formulate thoughts, proofread and check the text before uploading it.

Being armed with new knowledge, you can avoid the typical mistakes when filling the profile on the online dating site, create a more attractive profile, attract attention to yourself and increase your chances for successful acquaintance.

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