13th Apr2018

Comic Concierge – Episode 14: Weekly Recommendations

by Dan Clark


It was a week of new beginnings as a lot of series were starting new arcs and we also saw the start of some promising new series. We take a look at it all including a review of the recommendation of the Week: Astro City #51.

This week’s rundown:

(00:01:26) Astro City #51
(00:07:09) Green Arrow #39
(00:11:30) Batman White Knight #7
(00:16:13) Batman #44
(00:18:53) Curse of Brimstone #1
(00:22:52) All New Wolverine #33
(00:26:06) Amazing Spider-Man #798
(00:30:25) The Punisher #223
(00:33:19) The New Mutants: Dead Souls #2
(00:37:05) Marvel Two in One #5
(00:40:38) InCognegro Renaissance #3
(00:44:25) Doctor Star and the Kingdom of Tomorrow #2
(00:48:14) Analog #1
(00:53:01) Isola #1
(00:57:35) Demi-God #1
(01:00:00) Wrestlemania Special 2018

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