05th Apr2018

Mathematics Is Crucial For Successful Sports Betting

by James Smith


When it comes to sports betting, a lot of people think that because they have watched football for example, for many years or because they read about the latest happenings online or in the newspapers; that they somehow have the edge when it comes to placing bets. While knowing your stuff is always a great starting point and it can help you win from time to time, using maths to your advantage is even better; and it would definitely improve the chances of winning even more.
Your first port of call should always be to have a basic understanding of maths and put it into use straight away in terms of bankroll management. If you manage your bankroll correctly, you are much more likely to keep it at a good level. You need to use maths to work out how much you can spend on a weekly or monthly basis, as well as how much you should be spending on each bet. If you do this accurately, you should never run into any trouble financially.

A lot gets said about the bookmakers always being the ones that win in the end and that punters rarely come out on top, but the truth is that while bookmakers do win the majority of times, punters also win too. For example, by doing maths correctly on odds on say a football match that are too generous in the favour of the punter, it means that the bookmakers stand to and probably will lose quite a bit. Maths is key when it comes to spotting odds that are a bit of a bargain.
Maths also plays a part when it comes to finding the best odds too. If for example you’re wanting to place a bet on the football, more specifically Manchester United to win their next match, you want to find the bookmaker who offers the best odds. Even a slight increase can mean more profit and getting the best value for your money.

You can even use maths to work out which bookmaker offers are the best around. If one is offering a £300 bonus and the other a £200 bonus, it doesn’t necessarily mean that because £300 is higher than £200; that it is the best offer. You have to use maths to assess the wagering requirements and also the deposit match itself too. By not using mathematics correctly you could quickly take advantage of a promotion which isn’t as advantageous as you were led to believe.

Furthermore, horse racing is another perfect example of where math is absolutely crucial in working out which operator is offering the best value for money on selected runners. Anyone wishing to have the best chances of being successful at horse racing has to be able to identify these value bets, which are when the prices available are greater than the real chance of winning. This requires loads of extensive research, which includes using speed figures, racing stats and track info. What is also useful is to start off with reviewing race betting at reputable bookmaker sites like Betpoint, where the prices are all competitive and reliable.

Once you get the basics of maths right and employ these skills into your sports betting achievements are more likely to be way more positive and favourable. Maths is reliable and as long as the calculations are done correctly, you should never stray far off track. Devising a strategy which includes bankroll management, checking for the best odds and promotions and deciding how much to wager should make for a much more successful betting experience all round. A lot better than just relying on a hunch now and again.

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