26th Mar2018

‘Train Sim World: Founders Edition’ Review (Xbox One X)

by Paul Metcalf


I’m a fan of first-person shooter games where the action is constant, and often the pace is aggressive. Sometimes though it is nice to relax and play a game like Euro Truck Driver where the open road and a time limit is your only enemy. This is a reason I looked at Train Sim World: Founders Edition on Xbox One X for review.

Putting you in the position of being a driver on the Great Western Railways, which focuses on the Great Wester Main Line you can either travel on the trains or drive them. When driving the train your task is to get the train to the correct station, collect the passengers and make it to the destination in time.

While it may seem a simple task to get a train to a certain destination, you learn that this is in fact different when you are in the driver’s chair. There is a set order of procedures to turn the train on, breaking and acceleration have to be controlled to keep up safe speed, and making sure you take notice of the signals along the way.

The key to learning Train Sim World: Founders Edition is to have patience. It is a game that can’t be rushed through, and the tutorials are essential so that you don’t get lost. I found this out myself, soon becoming lost in the controls. Given time though and actually listening to the tutorial, it isn’t long before the start procedure has been survived and the passengers are on the train. Then comes waiting for the departure time so that you can set the train in motion.

Train Sim World: Founders Edition works in real-time meaning that when you are given a time to set off, and to reach your destination you can expect the progress to take that time. This means if the scenario you take part in is set to 60 minutes then expect for the gameplay to take this amount of time.

What is surprising though is when you are driving the train, this doesn’t become boring. It does feel relaxing yes, but with certain speed targets and the changing signals, you are constantly applying acceleration, breaking, and keeping an eye on the train’s speed at all times. Taking an eye off the signals can be a mistake as it is game over straight away if you run a red light.

Graphically the quality is adequate for a high-speed travel along train tracks. It can be interesting to take in the scenery, but for the most part it is rushing by. It is the trains themselves that have the most details, which is sure to please fans a lot. The travellers on the train are a little creepy though, soulless creations that are just tasked with getting on the train, then getting off when it is their designated stop.

Outside of the driving of the trains there is also the ability to be a passenger, and there is limited ability to explore both the train and station. The real fun though is to be the one in control of the train itself, and to work on doing your job well.

While this edition of the game only includes the Great Western Line, it will be interesting to see what DLC brings to it. With the potential of including more trains and other different routes with different locations, it is a game that can be extended well, especially to keep it feeling fresh for those with a desire to drive some trains.

Train Sim World: Founders Edition is a game that fits well with the many other simulation games that have found popularity in recent years. One of those games that is good for just relaxing and escaping the world, especially when you don’t feel like anything too hectic, for train fans this is a must.

**** 4/5

Train Sim World: Founders Edition is available on the Xbox One now.

Review originally posted on PissedOffGeek

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