15th Mar2018

Two of the Best: iPhone Games

by James Smith


From sports sims to driving games, shoot ’em ups to puzzles there are some great free iPhone games available today without you having to fork out a penny. Even if you are not a serious gamer, getting something for nothing is always welcome. Just like playing on a live casino in the UK where, as long as you stick to the sites terms and conditions, you can claim some brilliant bonuses and promotional offers which allows you to play all of your favourite games without forking out any of your hard-earned cash.

You will usually find the welcome offer is the largest bonus you will be given, and because sites are highly competitive you can really find some great offers out there. Playing on your iPhone is a pretty cool experience although you must remember that a great many of them have IAP’s which are In-App-Purchases which if you are not careful can hamper the title.

For those of you who enjoy creating a strategy, whether that is a betting strategy or any other the The Battle of Polytopia might just be for you. At the start of the game you are based in a small town with a single warrior unit under your command. Surrounded by the unknown you will get 30 turns to either locate, explore, attack or ally with other miniature empires. You can also research technologies, but the whole concept is to advance your civilisation. With limited resources you have to work out your choices in order to make the smartest moves.

Very much like Civilization but in miniature this mobile take also has a ‘domination’ mode for the more bloodthirsty players where you play until there is only one tribe left standing. With extra tribes costing between 99p and £2.99 obviously the more tribes you have means that you can take on more in any one game, besides being able to do that on larger maps.

For gorgeous visuals you could choose far worse than PinOut which rethinks pinball turning it into a type of endless runner. What you are faced with is a single massive table, and your aim is to get as far as you can before the timer inevitably runs out. With glowing neon’s PinOut is truly lovely to play. There is also a brilliant synth pop soundtrack to compliment the look of the game.

PinOut doesn’t disappoint as far as game-play goes being highly addictive. You need to be a precision shooter as well as being able to work out the best route to the next miniature table. PinOut is exciting and tense and if you happen to be running out of time, then the excitement ramps up.

PinOut has a single £2.99 IAP that will unlock checkpoints. If you choose not to buy the IAP it means that each time you play you must start from the beginning every time.

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