07th Mar2018

‘Ash vs Evil Dead 3×02: Booth Three’ Review

by Paul Metcalf


If there is one thing we expect from Ash vs Evil Dead it is a lot of a certain type of bodily fluid (blood). When the theme for season three is family and Ash (Bruce Campbell) having kids, there was only a matter of time that another type of fluid came into play.

After the events of last week Ash and his daughter Brandy (Arielle Carver-O’Neill) have to deal with the situation they find themselves in. While Ash goes in search of other possible kids he may have helped bring to the world, Brandy goes to see her councillor, revealing Ruby (Lucy Lawless) may be closer than Ash realises.

What is surprising about season three of Ash vs Evil Dead is that there is a slight switch in focus. While the gore is still all over the screen where it belongs, we now have a deeper story building. This is something that in the past Ash vs. Evil Dead hasn’t really had to depend on.

With the arrival of Dalton (Lindsay Farris) we have a character that assumes the role of “we’re all doomed and I am here to try to save us all” person. He stands around noticing things, and telling us how this is a sign that evil is coming, that action will have to be taken. While we don’t exactly need this hint, it still works well to push characters like Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo) onto a certain path. It feels a little less hectic and focused than the previous seasons.

One of the biggest mysteries is exactly what Ruby is trying to do. While we see plenty of her story progression in this episode, it doesn’t reveal much. We know she is hanging around Brandy and biding her time, and that of course makes her a danger. The fact she has a newborn of her own is also interesting, but we are still waiting to see exactly what this creature’s role is.

When it comes to actual action, it is Ash of course who gets to take part in the big action scene. It should come as no surprise really that Ash would be making donations, and it is a good setup for a fight scene much like we saw in the mortuary in season two. One thing that did worry me though was this fact that this felt a little too Evil Dead by numbers at this point. We know a scene like this is coming, and it delivers. Even if it is fun, it does little for the story but make us feel a little grossed out.

Even with the issue of predictability, there is a simple question, what do we watch Ash vs Evil Dead for? Most of the answer will be that we need our Evil Dead fix, we need the gore and we need a hero like Ash who brings the slapstick comedy. This is what this episode provides, and it does it well.

The world of television is a cutthroat business, and horror shows like Ash vs Evil Dead tend to struggle, even if fans love them. With the show pushing out episodes like this though, there is still hope. Now to see what other bodily fluids can be brought to the show next? I’m not sure there is many left to explore.

****½  4.5/5

Ash vs Evil Dead is available on Virgin Media video on Demand in the UK.

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