01st Mar2018

‘Hit-Girl #1’ Review

by Kevin Haldon

Written by Mark Millar | Art by Ricardo Lopez Ortiz | Published by Image Comics


Hit-Girl is back with a new monthly series over at Image and this badass is going on tour… A world tour, as the highly anticipated new story arc from Mark Millar and Ricardo Lopez Ortiz kicks off in Hit-Girl #1.

If your anything like me, and I think there will be a few people reading this article that are, your only real knowledge of the Kick-Ass franchise and his bad ass pal Hit-Girl, comes from the bloody good Matthew Vaughan movies a couple years back. Well I say good movies, the first was excellent and the second was a bit of a let down. This was primarily down to the watered down version of Hit-Girl on offer, yes I know character development, etc., but come on she was awesome in that first movie and not so much in the second.

Anyway off topic… So Image have decided that instead of making me go through there back catalog of Kick-Ass books, they are going to restart the series back at the #1s, meanwhile also releasing a bunch of trade paperbacks taking the story up till the reboot which you can pick up too!

I myself choose to jump straight into Hit-Girl #1 – mainly because, thanks to the movies, she was my favorite character in this particular “universe” and I fancied seeing how Mark Millar treats his balls to the wall creation in comic book form. I was not disappointed, this book was brilliant. It has all the gore, funny lines, snappy dialogue and epic kills and well placed F-words you could hope for. Really setting the tone for this monthly series heading forward.

In Hit-Girl #1 we find out that the original Kick-Ass has hung up his self made costume and nun-chucks. Meaning Mindy (Hit-Girl) is out to find his replacement, however the search is not going well and just as she is about to give up, the spirit of her father Big Daddy shows up to remind her how much fun having a sidekick is. Soooo she does what any reasonable young psychopathic killer would do and she aligns herself with a Colombian hit-man who is about to serve a series of life sentences for his crimes. Convincing him to join her may not be as easy as she hopes but one thing is certain, she is only getting started on her world tour of killing!

It goes without saying i enjoyed Hit-Girl #1. Mark Millar is straight back at home with the character and is writing her just a ruthless and clever as ever. The art from Ricardo Lopez Ortiz is gorgeous and even when the chaos ensues every inch of the panel is used to great effect. Just check out the final splash page… oooooshhh!!

I will definitely keep up on this series to see how these guys keep upping the ante and I don’t think I’m the only one enjoying the book judging by the news that this highly anticipated new story arc of Mark Millar and Ricardo Lopez Ortiz’s is ALREADY being rushed back to print in order to keep up with overwhelming customer demand.

You can also check out Kick-Ass #1 which dropped on February 14 – look out for my review of that one soon. Issue #2 of Hit-Girl hits the stores March 28th and is likely to sell out so be quick. Don’t forget to check out those Hit-Girl trades either!


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