27th Feb2018

New poster for Blumhouse’s ‘Truth or Dare’

by Phil Wheat

Blumhouse Productions and Universal have released a new poster for their upcoming horror film, Truth or Dare… Yes, yes, yet ANOTHER film to carry the “truth or dare” moniker – how many is that now? 20? 30? This latest version, directed by Jeff Wadlow (Kick Ass 2), stars Lucy Hale (Pretty Little Liars) and Tyler Posey (Teen Wolf) and is a supernatural thriller where a harmless game of ‘truth or dare’ among friends turns deadly when someone — or something — begins to punish those who tell a lie or refuse the dare…

Co-starring Violett Beane, Nolan Gerard Funk, Hayden Szeto and Sophia Taylor Ali, Truth or Dare is scheduled for release on April 13th.



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