23rd Feb2018

Two more characters announced for ‘SoulCalibur VI’

by Phil Wheat

zasalamel-and -ivy

SoulCalibur VI, the newest chapter in one of the longest-running beat ‘em up franchises, will again feature beloved characters and exciting new fighters, as Bandai Namco announce the addition of Ivy and Zasalamel to the upcoming weapon-based fighting game.

First introduced in SoulCalibur III, the scythe-wielding Zasalamel returns for SoulCalibur VI. He was born into a clan called Guardians of the Spirit Sword charged with protecting the legendary swords Soul Calibur and Soul Edge. While he was exiled from the clan for breaking their sacred laws, Zasalamel nonetheless managed to discover the secret of reincarnation, making him a mighty magician and dangerous foe. He wields Kafziel, cutting down his opponents and everyone who is in his path to power with a unique style and fierce determination.

Ivy Valentine is one of the most beloved characters of the series, wielding the Ivy Blade, a magical sword that can be transformed into a barbed whip in the blink of an eye. Ivy’s father was driven mad and finally died while researching the history of Soul Edge with her mother following not long after. Since then, she thirsts for revenge and wants to destroy the cursed sword that took the lives of her parents, using her alchemy skills to craft a weapon tailored to her needs. She combines Western European sword with Eastern European whip techniques, making her attacks graceful and absolutely deadly at the same time.

SoulCalibur VI will be launched in 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC


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