21st Feb2018

Nerdly declares Total Wargames!

by Matthew Smail


Thanks to generous support from GMT Games, Asmodee, Academy Games, The Plastic Soldier Company, Hollandspiele and Griggling Games, Nerdly will now be featuring wargames on a regular basis!

We are already incredibly proud of our tabletop and board game coverage, and we hope that the introduction of wargame features will help to introduce a whole new host of casual and intermediate gamers to a fantastic new genre. War games are often considered daunting and a little bit niche, but in actual fact that is not always the case.

Our wargame reviews will be straightforward and focussed on providing a basic overview of the way each game plays, along with a summary of the rules. We’ll talk a lot about the complexity of each game and we’ll describe how it feels to play – whether that be good or bad.

We hope you’ll enjoy reading the new features as much as we plan to enjoy playing the games that will be covered. The first game to feature in this series is the fantastic 878 Vikings from Academy Games – look out for that on Friday!


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