15th Feb2018

‘Oh Sir..! The Hollywood Roast’ Review (Nintendo Switch)

by Phil Wheat


When one insult-hurling game isn’t enough… Yes, as if having Oh Sir..! The Insult Simulator on the Nintendo Switch wasn’t enough, developer Vile Monarch unleash the sequel, Oh Sir..! The Hollywood Roast, on unsuspecting Switch owners too!

Taking its cue from the original game, Oh Sir..! The Hollywood Roast relocates the insult-em-up action to America and features a line-up of familiar faces: the ageing blonde bombshell, Marilyn Nomore; the beret wearing badass, Bad Motherhugger; the former boy wizard Dirty Potter; the street fighting video game icon, Chop Sue E… you get the drift! Other than the cast of characters, nothing much has changed – combat is still based on the worse the insult, the more the damage. You can also bruise the cast of actors egos with a well-timed personal insult – aim for thing like their looks, their attitude, or their wealth; depending on which particular character you’re battling of course. Combos for insulting the same “target” in succession is still here too – insult someones mother, father, ex partner, carerr, etc., and you can score combo bonuses and weaken your opponents health bar even faster!

Like the first game, Oh Sir..! The Hollywood Roast‘s single-player career mode (in which you battle four opponents, then a huge Hollywood bigwig as the final “boss”) sees you take part in player vs cpu arguments, in which you pick from a selection of phrases and conjunctions to craft a sentence which will have enough impact to knock your opponents health bar to zero. Each sentence is awarded points, which are removed from your opponents health a la a traditional beat ‘em-up… Though constructing your sentences can be something of a challenge, just when you think you’ve got a great sentence all ready to go, your opponent will pick that one sentence strand you needed to finish the greatest insult ever constructed! Luckily you have choices – to either pause, and take a breath whilst your opponent hurls his insult and the well of phrases etc. is repopulated in the next round or… You can use the awesome new comeback system.

Yes, whereas in the previous if you’d become stuck for a finishing “sting” for you insult you had the option to pause or just flounder and lose all your points for that round, in Oh Sir..! The Hollywood Roast players are given the chance to hurl a comeback at their competitor. The only caveat is that your comeback meter needs to be filled… and how does that happen? By receieving hate-filled insults from your opponents! The harder the insult, the more your comeback meter fills. It’s a double-edged sword but believe me, pull of a full-meter comback and the damage you inflict will be well worth it.

OK, so Oh Sir..! The Hollywood Roast might not be that different from the original game from Vile Monarch – at least in terms of gameplay and mechanics – but there’s one place the two games do differ. The insults. Harder, more vile, more vicious, the insults you can throw in this game almost, almost, makes Cards Against Humanity look tame! Talk about near the knuckle… Pedophilia, necrophilia, incest, beastiality, all the bases are covered here – if you can think of it, you can probably say it in this game. If you’re opponent doesn’t beat you to it first that is. That’s why Oh Sir..! The Hollywood Roast gets an extra half-star: for the sheer audacity, and un-PC nature of the insults!

****½  4.5/5

Oh… Sir!! The Insult Simulator is available for download from the Nintendo eShop now.


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