12th Feb2018

‘Star Trek: Discovery 1×15: Will You Take My Hand?’ Review

by Paul Metcalf


If you’ve watched Star Trek: Discovery and though “this isn’t my Star Trek” it is fair to say that now the first season of the show is done, that should not be the case. While Discovery may be different, there are many themes that are deeply woven into Star Trek lore that has made it into the show. With the finale, we finally get the missing piece, even if it was something nobody probably saw coming.

With Emperor Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh) in charge of the Discovery, the crew prepare to take on the Klingon empire. When Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) find the Emperor’s tactics not fitting with those of the Federation though she is pushed to take a surprising course of action.

While it may have been expected that this would be the episode where we got plenty of action, Star Trek: Discovery took the more surprising path and went for a more cerebral route. What the episode also provided us with was a surprisingly nostalgic experience that brought a few interesting Easter eggs to the episode, and one big surprise to end the series.

The lack of real warfare in this episode of Star Trek: Discovery really shouldn’t be a surprise, as the new show has been more about looking for peaceful resolutions rather than taking decisive action. The fact Burnham as the “Mutineer” is the one turning on the Emperor and finding the peaceful approach is of course a change from the violence we see in the first episode. In many ways this shows that Burnham has become a better leader. Still willing to do what she believes is right, but less likely to use violence to get it.

One thing that really stands out in this episode is once again how good Doug Jones is as Saru, and how he really is the captain the Discovery deserves. I’m looking forward to seeing if this is the case in season 2, and I’m sure that this will be welcomed by many if this is the case. Again, the fact that Saru and Burnham have now become closer as friends and crew mates shows how well the show is progressing.

It may be nice to see that peace has been found at the end of season one, but I do have to admit that it feels weird. While we didn’t get to see the return of Lorca (Jason Isaacs), it almost felt like his presence was needed. Everything ends too positively, then to get the mysterious signal, that would have been the perfect time for him to appear. I think I can forgive Star Trek: Discovery for revealing the bigger surprise though as it ends the first season on a high.

Looking at the success the show has become, it shows promise because it depends on the characters of the show, not the action that it shows. People have their favourite characters such as Burnham, Tilly (Mary Wiesman), Stamets (Anthony Rapp), and of course Saru, and it through these characters that the show will be a success. Now to hope that Lorca and maybe even Mudd (Rainn Wilson) make an appearance in the second season.

***** 5/5

Star Trek: Discovery will be back for a second season on Neflix in the UK.

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