12th Feb2018

Horror-On-Sea 2018 Interview: Victoria Smith talks ‘Dead Love’

by Philip Rogers

Following the world premiere of Dead Love at Horror-on-Sea I got a chance to ask lead actress Victoria Smith about what attracted her to the script, her preparation for the role and being a Vegan in real life, how it felt playing a cannibal in the film.


What can we expect from the film Dead Love?

There’s blood and there’s humour but I think mostly expect to be surprised! I don’t really feel that there’s any point within this film where you can predict what’s coming next because it’s such a crazy ride through the experiences of these two very unusual people!

Dead Love is best described as an unorthodox love story.  What attracted you to the film when you first read the script?

When Chris first gave me the script and I got to the final page I kind of struggled to process what I’d just read…I had to go through the whole thing again pretty much immediately! I just thought it was madness and I loved how different it was. There are so many samey female roles out there and Anne is such a unique character – she’s so bold and I knew I’d have such fun with her!

Can you tell me a little bit about your character?

Anne is deeply dysfunctional. She does some really monstrous things but not because she’s inherently cruel, she’s just willing to fight for what she wants and while she sees things in black and white, her world-view is actually very skewed! Her main problem is that she has a lot of love to give and she just needs someone who understands her!

What preparation did you do for the role and what were your inspirations regarding Anne’s personality?

I had to think outside the box regarding her personality. The main challenge was constantly finding where she was emotionally, because she doesn’t follow logical pattern. Before we started filming, Chris (Gallagher), James (Hamer-Morton) and I spent a lot of time working on the relationship between Anne and Allan because it was absolutely crucial to Chris that the audience are behind them.  There was potential for Anne in particular to come across as very cold and very manipulative, but I think once we started working on that relationship together the characters’ vulnerabilities and the aspects of them that we felt people would relate to really started to show through. James did an incredible job with Allan and he was such a supportive person to work with – I think the characters really grew and took shape together.

Being a Vegan in real life, how did it feel playing a cannibal in the film?

Hahaha… I found it hilarious because Anne is just so outrageous. There’s a ‘dinner’ scene that brought me to tears…I think we had to take a little break and come back to it because I got the giggles and just could not stop!

What was one of your favourite scenes to film?

There’s one involving a wedding dress that was a lot of fun. Just the pure awkwardness of Anne at her most unhinged. And of course, any time I was getting blood-spattered was an obvious highlight!

Do you have any new projects which you are working on?

I’m not really taking anything new on at the moment as I’m about to have a major location change! But I’ve just finished a really fun sci-fi short and a comedy I worked on last year The Boy Who Wanted to be A Lighthouse Keeper directed by Sam South which has just been released online. I have another couple of features Purgatorium directed by Chuck Borden and Intramania directed by Tommaso Paino which should also be out this year, so I’m really excited about those.

If someone is looking to get into acting, what advice would you give them?

To be persistent. There’ll be a lot of disappointment and you have to be able to shake it off. It really is about seizing every opportunity and being willing to step outside your comfort zone.



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