09th Feb2018

‘WWE: Bayley – Iconic Matches’ DVD Review

by Paul Metcalf


When looking for iconic women’s wrestling matches in WWE, there is no doubt that they will include the Four Horsewomen. Sasha Banks, Charlotte Flair, and Becky Lynch are four wrestlers who are arguably the cornerstones of the so-called Diva’s revolution. With WWE: Bayley – Iconic Matches we get to see some of her best matches from NXT and beyond.

Similar to the Sacha Banks – Iconic Matches collection, this one disc release features three matches:

  • Bayley vs. Sasha Banks
  • Bayley vs. Nia Jax
  • Bayley & Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte & Dana Brooke

There is no surprise that the first one to be included would be one against Sasha Banks. Arguably one of Bayley’s best feuds, the matches with Sasha changed the view of Bayley, from underdog to fully fledged competitor. It pulled out a more viscous side to the character that was needed, and this match is the best of the collection.

The second match with Nia Jax shows Bayley having to overcome different odds, and also shows how good her opponent was as well. A more slow-paced match where Bayley had to use her speed and submission moves more to gain the victory, it again shows a different side to Bayley. This match wasn’t about gaining hugs and being happy, this was survival and taking down a giant of an opponent who wanted to take her down.

The third match is the debut of Bayley on the main roster. With Bayley’s character being one that was questionable when it came to translating into the WWE style, this was a test not only for her as a wrestler, but how the crowd would react to the popular NXT wrestler. We know the rest is history, but again Bayley proved that she could meet any challenge and stand tall.

While these matches were a good selection, and sit nicely with the Sasha Banks release, I can’t help but think the Asuka NXT match should have been included instead of one of the other ones. When there is only space for three matches though, I can understand that choices had to be made. Even if Bayley did lose to Asuka, I still think that was one of her most iconic matches that should have been included. Saying that though, these three were just as iconic too.

What WWE: Bayley – Iconic Matches does is to bring the more fun side of the women’s division to the forefront, and it does a good job as showing who Bayley not only was in NXT, but how she also moved onto the main roster. It also shows that there should have not been any worries about if she could make it outside of the protection that NXT gives, even though some characters do find it hard to translate.

Bayley is a much-loved wrestler in WWE, and the WWE: Bayley – Iconic Matches show just why, and also why she is so respected. Even on the main roster, she has not lost her heart and the positivity she brings. This is why this is a fun release, and a good introduction to what she is capable of. Sitting well next to the Sasha Banks Iconic Matches release, they show just what started the Diva revolution, and just why the women’s wrestling division shows WWE at its best.

**** 4/5

WWE: Bayley – Iconic Matches is available on DVD now.

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