07th Feb2018

Wolverine Wednesday #9

by Ian Wells


Wolverine’s big return is in full flow with all roads leading to April. In February and March we are getting six more ‘post credits’ across a series of Marvel titles. I can’t believe there is a Wolverine collector out there who has been hardcore enough to pick up these issues for so little Wolverine content. To say they haven’t delivered much information is an understatement. Marvel has their attack plan and if people buy it then they are the winners. The positive to come out of his return so far is that an X-Man character is interacting with characters who may be considered MCU darlings. The X-Men have kind of always been in their own pocket universe within the comics and I would have preferred his return to be more X centric. Back in the day he would have perhaps returned in the main X title and then boom Wolverine would be back on the shelves. April brings the one shot ‘The Hunt For Wolverine’ from the creative team Charles Soule and David Marquez. I’m happy with that team loved Soule’s work on ‘Death of Wolverine’ and some of the fall out titles from that. The Steve McNiven cover is brilliant too. It has a Barry Windsor Smith ‘Weapon X’ feel to it so instant winner in my book. The one shot will be followed up by four more stories exploring Logan’s return. Interestingly each story is based in a different genre. There are no creative teams attached, the titles are as follows; ‘Adamantium Agenda’ (action/adventure), ‘Mystery in Madripoor’ (dark romance), ‘Weapon Lost’ (noir/detective) and ‘Claws of The Killer’ (horror). So it looks like I will be having a busy May with plenty of reading and reviewing!

Weapon X #13

Writer: Greg Pak | Artist: Yildiray Cinar | Colourist: Frank D’Armata | Letters: Joe Caramagna


Weapon X is at the moment a perfect read. It is the X title equivalent of a pop corn flick. That is in no way meant as a criticism. You know for every Deer Hunter or Capote you have to watch a Fast and The Furious! Also I’m not saying this book is not on any level intellectual. Like I said with the previous issue there are some political under tones but it is secondary to the action. It is not pushing it like ‘Secret Empire’. At times during this issue it does seem a little hectic. It’s a like “quick a fight over here” then “now the fights over here”. Your willing to let it go however because it is entertaining and at no time is it confusing. In previous reviews for this series so far I have been mentioning how I want more time in the spotlight for Warpath and Domino. Pak is delivering character development on a different level. Rather than make say Warpath take centre stage for an issue. Characters are developing through their interactions with each other and the situations they are in. He also uses the old adage of actions speak louder than words. This is best demonstrated in a scene where Domino is teasing Warpath not taking it all too seriously and then in five simple panels she is into the action guns blazing and turning the tide. Weapon X from what I can tell is only the second Marvel title Yildiray Cinar has worked on. It’s worth noting he has worked with Tom Taylor before so maybe we will see a future Wolverine collaboration. Keeping with the style of the book it is very action driven. His Warpath his a big imposing figure who dominates every panel he is in. One negative on the art side, I really didn’t like the cover to this issue at all. With the high pace already set and with the last page reveal this series shows no signs of slowing up, but plenty of signs of getting better and better. If you haven’t done so yet pick this book up and strap yourselves in for the ride.

Old Man Logan #33

Writer: Ed Brisson | Artist: Mike Deodoato | Colourist: Frank Martin | Letters: Cory Petit


Loving this arc! Brisson is keeping things simple and keeping the story tighter. Part of this is due to getting the reveal of the Scarlet Samurai out the way early. It could easily have been dragged out over more issues, examining the emotional toll on Logan. This all allows the story to breath. All the plot points that were set up in the previous two issues now all come to a head here and set the potential for a explosive and rewarding climax. There is a nice well handled flashback scene to open the issue. It is not a deep continuity cut but it tells the reader everything you need to know about the relationship between the two characters involved. In the space of three issues Brisson has given Shingen the newer younger Silver Samurai a new voice and a new set of motivations. Now he is a character I am interested in reading. I hope he pops up more in any further adventures in Japan. Anyone who doesn’t like Mike Deodato’s art is not a true comics fan. In the aforementioned flashback scene he absolutely nails a John Byrne era rendition of Wolverine in the tiger stripe suit. The way he has his panels dissect the page during fight sequences gives a sense of the destruction going on around our antagonists. Panels split by diagonal lines are a bold interpretation of Logan’s claws slashing through hordes of The Hand.  With Wolverines return very much in the works now this issue does bring up a very interesting plot point. You get the feeling Brisson has carte blanche to put Old Man Logan through the ringer before he inevitably gives way for his younger self. It’s typical really by Marvel and for my luck as a reader. A writer is just hitting his stride and will soon be off the title! Oh well that’s life.

All New Wolverine #29

Writer: Tom Taylor | Artist: Juann Cabal | Colourist: Nolan Woodard | Letters: Cory Petit


Right off the bat last months cliff hanger was exactly what it was presented as. No misdirection whatsoever. This issue could be used in evidence to the over complicated story telling of the X titles. Characters being in two places at once and two very different places at that is something you have to take with a pinch of salt when reading comics. It doesn’t take away from another gripping story by Taylor. With this issue and the climax of the ‘Orphans of X’ arc you get the feeling Taylor is going deep into Laura’s continuity. My only hope is he doesn’t lose new readings in the final chapter by going to deep. I might have to do a quick refresher myself before #30. Like in Old Man Logan a lot of the ground work was laid in this issue and the previous one. We learn a tiny bit more about the titular antagonists, but nothing much. One name stands out. Murumasa’s plan with Laura, Gabby and Daken comes to fruition. It’s a cool concept and not something that immediately sprung to my mind. Gabby continues to  be well Gabby. A Honey Badger one shot can only be months away surely! Tom Taylor is always full of praise for his art teams on his work and rightfully so. I don’t know if he is handing picking them or he is just being really lucky when it comes to random team ups. Either way it works for this title, despite changing artist and colourist every story arc the quality doesn’t drop. What I really like is that even though this is essentially the Wolverine book they haven’t gone for a Wolverine art style. The book has its own style expressed through its art and colour pallet which helps evolve Laura’s character away from just being a female Wolverine.


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