26th Jan2018

‘Monopoly’ Board Game Review

by James Smith


The Monopoly board game has existed for more than a century. This particular game has even taken over casino site as slot games. For instance, at Spin and Win Casino, you will find seven monopoly themed online slots. You can enjoy these games which do not come with strict rules like the basic board game. Speaking of rules, do you know exactly how a classic monopoly board game is played? Let’s find out!

In a Monopoly game, players own lands and they can either develop their own lands or buy more. They gain income from other players who visit their properties and the funds are spent to pay other players when visiting their lands in return. When the times are hard, players might even have to mortgage their lands to pay for fines or taxes, or other misfortunes (the game is full of them!).

On their respective turns, players roll two dice and move around the spaces as per the outcome. If the player lands on a land which is not anyone’s, he can buy it and add it to his properties or he can let the bank sell it to the highest bidder. Now, if a lucky player manages to own all the ground within the same colour group, he can build hotels or houses, to get more income from other players. But, the player has to rent to other players if he lands on their lands; he has to play the rent as per the value or buildings of the land. The board also consists of other spaces which cannot be bought or sold. When landing on these spaces, the player will be required to draw a card and perform the stated action. The usual actions are collect income, pay taxes or even go to jail!

Even if Monopoly has some official printed rules, many players learn to play it from their peers, which is not often the correct way! There have been many adjustments to the rules for different types of players like kids or sore losers. But, these modified rules often kill the fun part of the game as it prevents players from going bankrupt or from going to jail. The most common modified house rule is: putting all the funds owned to the bank in the middle of the board which will be later won by the player which lands on the Free Parking space. Another house rule is taking loans from the bank to avoid bankruptcy; this increasingly delays the ending of the game!

As a matter of fact, the initial and classic Monopoly board game came into existence in 1933. It was created by Charles Darrow and went into sales in 1935. It even won the Game of the Century by TRA, back in the days. Nowadays, you can find this game under various themes like Pokémon, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Junior and Nintendo.

If you want to be an expert in the game, better play the classic original version where the sole aim is to be the only person with any funds remaining in the game!

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