25th Jan2018

Horror-On-Sea 2018 Interview: Keni Bounds talks ‘Blessed are the Children’

by Philip Rogers

Blessed are the Children is new thriller from co-writer and director Chris Moore, which was been selected to play at the Horror-on-Sea Film Festival on Friday 19th January. I got chance to ask actress Keni Bounds a few questions about what audiences can expect from the film, the preparation she did for the role and what makes the film stand out in the genre.


What can we expect from the film Blessed are the Children?

You can expect to laugh and scream and pretty much be creeped out. I was in the movie and still can’t watch it without covering my eyes. You can also expect to have FUN!  This movie will have your screaming in fear one second and howling with laughter the next.

Can you tell me a little bit about your character?

Mandy is very motherly and very protective of her best friends. She is definitely the girl you want in your corner!

How did you become involved in the film?

Chris Moore is one of my best friends. I have had the pleasure of working with him on several theatre projects. After he wrote the first draft of the script he let me read it…and I LOVED it. He asked me how I felt about Mandy and I think my exact words were: “She is such a badass—I LOVE her.” And then he said “Good…I wrote her for you”.

What preparation did you do for the role?

This was the first movie I ever did. So, I was like a fish out of water. I was so used to the stage I had to train myself to not project so much! I also cut my long dark hair into a short blonde pixie. I felt like Mandy would have a sassy cut. I also felt like Mandy was very transparent and open…not having a mane of hair to hide behind forced her to be more open and honest. I also normally wear makeup. I talked to Chris about it and said: “I don’t think Mandy should wear makeup for most of the film.” He of course told me to go for it. The scariest part of the movie to me is having to look at myself in HD with no makeup.

Are there any elements of your character Mandy which you feel reflect some of your own personality?

For sure! I am sarcastic and quite the smart ass. So is Mandy! I also love my friends fiercely.

What do you think makes Blessed are the Children stand out in the horror genre?

The characters are real. You know people just like them. So many horror movies give you great scares… but the characters are unrelatable. It is easier to invest in characters that you believe in.

What was your favourite scene to film in the movie?

That is a tough one! They were all so fun for different reasons! If I had to pick just one, I would have to say it would have to be the scene with me and Erin in the kitchen.

Do you have any other projects which you are working on at the moment?

I just wrapped filming another movie with the amazing Chris Moore titled Triggered. And you can always find me on the stage or traveling around the Southeast doing Dinner Theatre with my company The Detectives!

What advice would you give to someone who is looking to get into acting?

I would tell them to stop “looking” into it and start doing it. Audition, audition, audition! You will not get every part … but you won’t get any parts unless you try.

Blessed are the Children screened at the Horror-on-Sea Festival on Friday 19th January at 5:30pm.

For more information on the event and to purchase tickets for the Horror-on-Sea please see the website for details: https://www.horror-on-sea.com


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