22nd Jan2018

Interview: Filmmaker Nev Pierce discusses his new short films

by Stuart Wright


Filmmaker Nev Pierce talks to host Stuart Wright about his four short films Bricks, Ghosted, Lock In and Promises.

Bricks, Ghosted and Lock In go live from Monday 5th February 2018 and can be seen at vimeo.com/nevillepierce & nevpierce.com. For updates and news of Promises and/or other projects there’s facebook.com/nevillepiercefilm and @nevpierce on Twitter.



Respected landlord Richard (Tim McInnerny) is closing up his pub with pregnant daughter Lucy (Lucy Boynton) when a stranger barges in. The menacing Jimmy (Nicholas Pinnock) seems like he wants money, but really he’s after the truth…



In this adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Cask Of Amontillado, stockbroker William (Blake Ritson) hires builder Clive (Jason Flemyng) to renovate his wine cellar. The two men couldn’t be more different, but in the shadowy cellar they find common ground… at first.



Widowed artist Rebecca (Alice Lowe) is looking for new love. But her dinner dates are disrupted by the ghost of her cheating dead husband Nigel (Christien Anholt). Can Rebecca exorcise Nigel’s ghost? Or will his restless spirit eternally interfere in her love life?


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