19th Jan2018

New trailer & poster for ‘Still/Born’

by Phil Wheat

Postpartum depression is a very tricky subject matter to approach for any movie, not to mention a horror movie. Hell, even doctors struggle to tackle the subject in real life, so when it comes to reel life filmmakers have to be VERY careful not only to belittle its effect on mothers, or to turn a serious mental health condition into a excuse to demonise a character. Yet when it works in cinema you get films like The Babadook, Cradle Will Fall… and now Still/Born, from director Brandon Christensen – who co-wrote the film with Colin Minihan (Grave Encounters, It Stains the Sands Red)

For Mary, the joy of her infant son Adam’s birth is overshadowed by the devastating stillborn death of his twin brother Thomas. Concerned husband Jack relocates them to a spacious new home in secluded suburbia while Mary makes fast friends with their neighbor Rachel. But fresh faces, new surroundings, and even post-partum medication can’t spin Mary’s haunted motherhood mindset off its deepening descent into horrifying depression. Soon she’s convinced that an otherworldly evil wants to claim her remaining baby for its own…

Set for a US release on February 9th, Still/Born stars Christie Burke, Jesse Moss, Rebecca Olson, Michael Ironside, and Jenn Griffin. Check out the new trailer and poster below:



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