17th Jan2018

Aliens’ “Frost” joins the cast of ‘The Shinjuku Five’

by Phil Wheat

A couple of weeks ago we brought you news that Aussie actor Roger Ward had joined the cast of the film and now we can exclusively share the next piece of casting for the eagerly awaited new movie from Black Forest Films & Lady of the Light Productions – who have partnered up to make the ambitious feature currently in pre-production.

As if mining the talents of one genre star wasn’t enough, the production team have announced that Ricco Ross – who played Frost in Aliens, as well as appearing in Death Wish 3 and Wishmaster (though I’ll always remember him as Kassim in the Highlander TV show, as well as his appearances in a bunch of 90s DTV action movies like Project: Shadowchaser and Timelock) – has joined the cast of The Shinjuku Five; and is set to play Ronny, a sleazy Shinjuku night club owner.


Says producer Lucinda Bruce:

A great way to show your appreciation for those who have shaped your career, is to create the opportunity to work with them and let them see the positive influence they have had over a whole generation of filmmakers, and when you get that opportunity and you find yourself working alongside some of those iconic actors from the films that inspired you to become who you are, it’s an awesome moment.

Set to film in Japan and Australia, The Shinjuku Five is written and co-directed, alongside Jasmine Jakupi, by Addison Heath (Mondo Yakuza, The Viper’s Hex) and stars Yoji Yamada, Saya Minami, Cris Cochrane, Tim Jason Wicks and Mondo Yakuza star Kenji Shimada. The soundtrack comes from Queensland based The Screaming Meanies, who have provided scores for The Perfect Nonsense, Mondo Yakuza and Stuart Simpson’s kung-fu short Dragon Force.

We’ll be keeping up to date on all the The Shinjuku Five news, from pre-production to release, so expect to hear much more on the film from us in the very near future!


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